Best Instagram Story Savers for 2023

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Best Instagram Story Savers for 2023 -Are you an active Instagram user? Have you come across an Instagram story that maybe someone you follow would have posted and wished to download it? But couldn’t because Instagram doesn’t have that feature. Worry less as there is now a way you can save that story to your device to watch later even after the story has disappeared or the owner deletes it.

Best Instagram Story Savers for 2023

Instagram story is a feature that allows an Instagram user to share videos, pictures, or even all about their day. And it lasts for only 24 hours except if added to their profile. Now, if while watching an Instagram user story and you come across a funny video you like, we might like to opt for a screen recording. If you can’t screen record, you have just 24 hours to view that story if the user doesn’t delete it. You then after several attempts to save might want to give up on that video. But why when there are online Instagram savers?

Different Instagram story savers on the internet allow you to save Instagram stories anonymously. These story savers allow users to download any of their favorite stories and save them automatically on their devices. So, they can share or re-watch when they want to.

However, with the availability of hundreds of Instagram story savers on the internet, it might be quite difficult to make a choice on which to use. And it might also be quite difficult to find one that is good easily. Well, do not worry as we are here to help you provide the best. So, without much ado, let’s dive right in.

5 Best Instagram Story Savers for 2023

Story Saver for Instagram

Story Saving for Instagram is one of the Best Instagram Story Savers for 2023 you can use to download your favorite Instagram story. The app was developed by HAIR studios and has been made available for free download on all or any mobile platform. With story saver for Instagram, you can not only download posts. Stories and highlights, you can also discover profiles, share stories and even repost those saved stories.

This app is available for download on Google Play Store if you are an Android device user. And on the App store, if you are an iOS device user. What’s more? After downloading the app, you can also make in-app purchases as listed on the play store. The app is free to download and use. You only get to pay if you want to remove the ads on the platform. Though the ads don’t restrict you from doing anything or hamper your user experience as they are easy to manage. But if you feel it is obstructing So do you want to use this app for your story saving? Download it today as it is free and accessible on any mobile device.


Another good Instagram story saver you can use to save stories you would like to keep is Fastdl. However, the fastdl. app is an online website that allows you to download any Instagram story of your choice to your desktop or mobile device anonymously. So, if you are looking to download any Instagram story, reel, or video, this save is the perfect tool for you. And after downloading this story, you can re-upload, re-post, or save them to a media library for future access.

Furthermore, you can save as many videos and stories as you want on this site without having to pay or register. You can even save in just three steps, copy the link, paste, and click on download. Then your video would be saved automatically to your device.

Another site where you can download and save Instagram stories from another user. This site enables you not only download stories for free but also IG reels and highlights. And with this site, you can download stories anonymously without the owner of the video has to know. As we already know Instagram doesn’t have a download feature that enables you to save posts from the platform. That is why we have sites like to help save that our favorite video we must have found on someone’s story.

This site allows you to view varieties of videos that are of open users incognito. And you do not need to register for an account to use this. In addition, you do not need to create an IG account to use this site. As there is a search engine that can help you find any video on Instagram that you want. But note that the downloader cannot save without texts or stickers.


FastSave is yet another exquisite app you can use to download insta stories instantly as soon as you come across them. The app doesn’t only allow you to download quickly, you can also easily repost those videos directly from FastSave. The app is very popular and has got amazing reviews. On Play Store, they have been rated 3.9 out of 5 by over a million people. And is open and accessible regardless of age group.

Furthermore, once you use the app to make a story download, it saves all your downloads to a dedicated space at the top of the main page. It also makes it easier to easily access videos and pictures (snap stories) you have downloaded. Amazingly there is also an option for you to reshare the saved story on any social media platform of your choice provided you have an account with that platform. What’s more? Download FastSave to discover and enjoy all it has to offer.