Best Investment Apps

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Do you want to invest your money in something productive? Are you looking for the best investment apps you can use? Then this article is for you. In recent times, you can do almost everything on your phone, including investment. And using your phone, you don’t need a financial advisor or full-service broker to assist with your investment. Also, you don’t even necessarily need a computer. As best investment apps make it very simple to sell and buy stocks, mutual funds, and other investments right from your mobile phone.

Best Investment Apps

Investing feels easier and simpler than it has ever been especially now that there are apps you can use for it. Whether you love the hands-off approach or prefer to pore over market research and make trades. Or if you fall in between somewhere, the right investment app can make it very easy to reach your set goals.

The best part is that there are different options to choose from. This means as a beginner and everyday investor, there is something for you. So, if you are looking for the best investment apps that suit you, you are in the right article.

However, after conducting diligent app trials and analyzing hundreds of data points, we have decided to present you with the best investment for a wide range of investors. Follow this article to the very end and check the right one as a beginner and expert.

7 Best Investment Apps

Our experts have reviewed the investment apps that are good for advanced investors and beginners. If the investment is very important to you, we have compiled a list of the best investing apps.

Merrill Edge  

Merrill Edge is a very popular investing app among IOS users. It is highly rated among iPhone users for its customer support. The mobile app is integrated with Bank of America for a banking experience and seamless investing.

Merrill Edge offers a library of educational content and robust research to help you find the right investment. The features of the application help beginners find the right investment, including social and environmental investors.

E*TRADE – Overall Best Investment Apps

E*TRADE is a one-stop app for investing. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, you will find what you want. Recently, E*TRADE removed all ETF and stock trading fees. And offers no transaction -fee mutual funds and more than 4,400 no-load.

If you don’t like self-directed investments, its core portfolios are a great option. So, after filling out the profile, you should share your set goals and risk tolerance, and you will receive recommended tax-sensitive portfolio of ETFs.

Through E*TRADE’s two mobile applications available on the Google Play store and the IOS app store. You can access accounts, view charts, make trades, do research, and watch Bloomberg TV.


SoFi’s two mobile applications are modernized and likely to appeal to brokers’ audience of traders and beginner investors. Because of this, brokers get high rates from app users on both IOS and Android. The mobile app has lots of features and tools for investment. Investors can track performance, place trades, and get real quotes on their mobile phones.


Vanguard apps cater to retirement investors and aim to attract more. They offer all the functionality needed by account owners. The mobile apps trade capability for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds with the e ability to monitor investment performance and account. Lots of users rate mobile apps highly for the features and how they work. You can easily download mobile applications from iOS or Google Playstore.

Charles Schwab

With no annual fee or account minimum, the Charles Schwab mobile apps are simple to use for investors both beginners and experienced. StreetSmart and Schwab mobile apps allow commission fee trade across a wide range of sections of stocks, ETFs, and options.

And the broker offers access to more than 4,000 no transaction fee mutual funds. Schwab is rated highly for its research including analysis from different providers like Thompson Reuters, Morningstar, and Credit Suisse.


Firstrade provides good mobile apps for Android and IOS. Investors have access to commission-free trades across ETFs, stocks, and mutual funds. As well as 0 contract fee for options trading. One of the best parts is that First trade may attract international customers. It is open to international investors and available in Chinese.


Acorns provide different socially responsible investment options and access to a diversified portfolio. It also offers investment options for families and individuals who start investing with little change. Acorns enable investors to invest little/spare change automatically by rounding up debit and credit purchases. And investing the change into a financial portfolio.

One of the best is that alongside all the mobile app offers, it also offers Acorns Early custodial accounts for children. Guardians and parents can invest on behalf of their children. And when the child reaches the age of transfer, they can take full ownership of the account.

Acorns fee depends on your account balance. And may not be available for investors with an account balance lesser than $5,000. The app offers no tax strategy and limited customer support as compared to other investment applications.