Cheap Android Phones 2023

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Cheap Android Phones 2023 – Due to the high cost of phones in the market, it is normal to fret if it doesn’t look like you will be getting a phone without having to break the bank. But why actually break the bank when you can get good phones at a cheap price rate. Undoubtedly, good or high-end Android phones come with all their fanciness, but reducing your expectations can earn you a good mobile phone for much less.

Cheap Android Phones

Hence, we have researched and compiled in this blog post the five best budget Android phones in the market. So, if you are unsure of what phone to buy that best fits your budget, you can consider reading through this post, to guide you into getting the best but affordable Android phones.  

5 Best Cheap Android Phones To Buy in 2023

Google Pixel 7a

The A series Google Pixel is now generally known for offering some of the best advantages and merit in the market. The Google pixel 7a successor (pixel 6a), offered a near upscale experience at just about $499. But now this year 2023, the brand is ready to skyrocket its budget series to a new and well-developed level that gets even closer to high-end territory. So, the Google pixel 7a price rate begins at $499, which is an increase. Now it is a hundred dollars ($100) cheaper than the Pixel 7, but there is a difference. And that is the 7a sacrifices very little to get a slightly discounted price point.

The Google Pixel 7a now features a 90Hz refresh rate. Which although isn’t as good as the 120Hz that most brands or fancy phones offer. But compared to the 6a there is a great improvement. The device now features wireless charging and it offers a 7.5 wireless charging speed. Also, the camera has been upgraded to something with a nice 64Mp sensor which is acclaimed to perform very well.

OnePlus Nord N20

Another best budget Android phone you can get is the OnePlus Nord N20. OnePlus Nord N20 although very cheap but is said to be the best cheap Android phone you can get. As it is fast enough and features a sharp OLED display, a good battery, and connectivity of up to 5G. Which undoubtedly is rare for a phone that cost just three hundred dollars ($300).

Furthermore, rumors have it that this Android phone is more powerful compared to some Samsung budget phones, and its OLED screen which is about 1080p is sharper than other phones in the same price range. Which typically possess lower-resolution LCDs with a no-good contrast. Another unique feature this device possesses is an in-display fingerprint sensor, which you would rarely find on budget phones. Plus, it has an available update to Android twelve (12) alongside a three-year worth security update. But note that it doesn’t work with Verizon’s network.

Samsung Galaxy A14

Samsung Galaxy A14 another cheap Android phone is a good one to consider for budget prices. The phone is known to have a boring generic design. But responds more than you would expect for a phone which costs about $200. The Galaxy A14 picks up more fingerprints than most high-end phones would. It is also big, bright, and runs Android 13.

The Android device features 5G connectivity to help you stay connected, an awesome camera, a large screen, a long-lasting battery, and more. All at a very affordable and cheap price rate.

iPhone SE

This is yet another cheap and budget phone that would serve you really well. It is no doubt that iPhones are far from the budget range, but if you like the idea of an iPhone, the 2022 iPhone SE bucks the trend and offers a cheap price into the entry of the Apple community. However, the iPhone SE might have not much in common with the 14 lineups physically but what it possesses counts. The SE has an A15 Bionic processor similar to that of the trending 14 and 14 Plus. And after trials and tests, it has proven to perform almost as well.  All it just takes is a minor hit in GPU scores but its punches are way above its weight. That is to say that, so far amongst all mentioned, the SE is the most powerful phone.

But it is worthwhile to know that while the phone might be powerful, its design is stuck in the past. That is, the screen is as small as 4.7 inches with sizeable bezels on its front. Unfortunately, its design is similar to the old version from 2022, which includes the lightning port. The device also comes with just 64Gb storage and if you would like to opt for the 128Gb version. The price jumps to about $479.

Galaxy A03s

If you are looking for a very cheap phone that would also serve you well, the Galaxy A03s is one I would recommend. As it comes under $200. Before considering this device for purchase, you should know that the device lacks in performance and build quality but possesses a great battery life. Using the device, you might not also be able to play the latest games but for streaming the device has a large and very adequate screen. The main camera of the device is serviceable but its other lenses didn’t really get the job done.

This device might be lacking a lot but stands out in different areas. Some of these include, its battery life, screen, price, and also updates. It might not have a lot to offer but is worth considering for a budget phone.

However, cheap Android Phones are not phones to have high expectations of. There are several of them that have a boring, generic design but are highly responsive and even last longer or pick up faster than several expensive Androids in the market. In essence, when trying to get a good phone you could use for a while, breaking the bank to get one isn’t necessary. Especially if that phone doesn’t fit into your budget. As there are the best cheap Android phones that you can purchase, which would even serve you better and beyond your expectations.