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Entertainment is a very great service required for purpose of having fun, socializing with loved ones, and most of all relaxing. There are many entertainment-producing platforms in the world today. Multichoice is one of these many platforms is that offers these services. One of the means that Multichoice uses to render its services is through DSTV.

Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) is a Multichoice-owned platform that offers entertainment and many other services through packages that it offers to users to subscribe to benefit from it. Its services are TV services rendered digitally from satellites. Which makes it a digital satellite TV service. These services it renders is to the public in Sub-Saharan Africa.

DSTV was discovered in 1995 and is headquartered in Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa. Its Television services are offered through Direct Broadcast Satellite. The platform’s confirmed official website URL is www.DStv.com. Users can visit the web platform to get information on how to make use of its services.

DSTV.com Web Platform Review

DSTV web platform has a design that allows users to be able to have insight into the services the platform renders. The web platform has a lot of content that users can make use of. It has a search option that users can use to search for the service they want. Users can select the country in which they currently are, on the homepage. There are Country options to select from which are on the top right side of the web platform’s homepage. The country option to select from contains 48 ( forty-eight) different countries on it. Users whose country uses the platform’s Multichoice services can visit the platform and select their country from the options available.

The DSTV.com web platform shows different packages users can subscribe to on the home page. The packages offer different sizes of TV channels when subscribed to. Each of these packages varies in the amount used to activate them. The number of channels that comes with each of them varies.

Different services are on the DSTV.com web platform. These are on the home page. They include.

  • Spotlight.
  • Catch Up.
  • Hot On TV.

Each of these options contains. Users can view trailers and adverts on programs on their respective channels.

DSTV.com Menu Section

DSTV web platform has a menu section that provides means for users to make use of the services it offers on the web platform. These menu sections also provide means for essay navigation. The menu sections on the web platform include.

  • TV Guide.
  • Watch.
  • Get DSTV.
  • Service.
  • DSTV Thanks.

These are the options in the menu section. Users can make use of the services offered by the platform through these options on the menu section web platform. Information about programs and TV shows along with their respective channels are on the TV Guide menu section.

Information about the platform’s acquiring methods and services is on the Get the platform option in the menu section. Users can get Info on packages, the platform’s decoders, and many other services the platform offers on the Get DSTV menu section’s option. The Service and the platform’s Thanks, menu section’s options are assistance and support services, which the platform’s users can make use of when in need of aid to solve a problem when in use of it. The DSTV Thanks, an option shows users their regards for making use of its services.

DSTV Connect

Users can watch their favorite programs on the web platform. Users can view programs like football matches on the web platform. For users to be able to view these programs on the web platform they must have carried out the platform’s connect sign-up process. If they have not carried out the sign-up process they can easily do that by visiting www.dstv.com. if the user has done the sign-up process they can easily watch programs on the web platform by simply logging into their accounts on the platform.