Smart Windows – Types And Prices

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Over the years, there have been different inventions of windows some of which we use in our homes, offices, and several other places. But now, there is something new to try out which is smart windows. However, it is worthwhile to know that these smart windows are very easy to use and they also have unique designs and nice specifications.

Smart Windows - Types And Prices
Smart Windows – Types And Prices

Smart windows were and are still being developed by PDLC Switchable Smart Glass. There, they create different types of smart windows they feel their customers would enjoy using. So, if you want to try something more technological in your home, then this switchable smart window is worth considering. To not only give your home a new look but for you to also use something nice, different, and unique in your home. What’s more? Why not keep reading to find out?

What are Smart Windows?

Smart windows can also be called switchable windows or switchable smart glass windows. It is a type of glass that has the properties of dynamic alter and controls the irradiation of solar into buildings. One of the properties of a smart window is that it can change from transparent to translucent, and more. It has the ability to allow light rays to go through it and also prevent some or all wavelengths of light. Some of the materials used in creating this smart glass include photochromic, electrochromic, and even thermochromic.

How Does Smart Windows Work?

Just as the name implies, this window works in a very intelligent way. With the use of different transparent materials, smart windows work uniquely and differently from other types of windows. Besides, every material used appears to be translucent, transparent, or opaque. However, when the smart window is installed in a building, it creates a climate-adaptive building shield.

Benefits such as light adjustments, infrared blocking and UV, thermal comfort, visual comfort, and reduction in energy use and vice versa are added to the building once a smart window is installed. Furthermore, to activate most of its effects or specifications, you can make use of the switchable film or smart film lamination on flat surfaces with the use of glass, polycarbonate, or acrylic laminates.

Types of Smart Windows

There are different types of smart windows created with nice and unique features. And because of this, choosing one could be quite difficult. Maybe because you have no idea about what they are like and if they are the one for you. However, before going ahead to purchase a smart window for your home. We have compiled all the types of smart windows you can purchase.

Alongside these smart windows, we have given a short note on each of them to give you an idea of what they are like before you proceed to get them. Here are the different types of smart windows you can get for your home, office, and other places below;

Electrochromic Glass

One type of smart window you can get for your home is electrochromic glass. This glass only requires a little bit of electricity then it does its work which is to control the amount of heat and rays of light that passes through it.

However, the electrochromic glass can get tinted in just a matter of minutes. Just according to all its features and how you can use it, it helps in saving energy. Also, this kind of smart window is very good for places or countries that are prone to a lot of heat and light weather.

Thermochromic Glass

Just like the Photochromic tint, the thermochromic glass tint is dictated by its outer element. In this case, it’s about the heat.  However, when its outer temperature rises about the transition threshold, it makes the thermochromic filter which is on the glass to transition the tint within minutes. However, this smart wind is pictured as one of the best to get as a homeowner. This is due to all its features and abilities.

Photochromic Window Tint

Just like smart window film or transitional film, photochromic tint changes when it gets opened to UV rays. During the day, this tint offers a very dark shade that provides maximum UV shade while at night, this tint becomes transparent and clear. This is more like keeping light rays from the home during the daytime and offering a clear view at night. In optical lenses, this kind of technology is commonly seen because its shades change if it’s inside or outside. However, people living in sunny areas mostly get this type of smart window.

Suspended-Particle Glass

Suspended-Particle glass falls under a wider technology category called suspended-particles devices shortly known as SPDs. This kind of glass makes use of liquid-suspended nanoparticles. These particles connect when a voltage is applied, allowing light to pass through.

The particles become randomly structured when the electricity is turned off, obstructing and collecting light. The voltage-dependent light transmission rate can be either manually or automatically adjusted to control glare, thermal transmittance, and light, offering the homeowner complete control.

Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystal Glass

This kind of smart window is mostly seen in hospitals, bathrooms, and office environments. It reduces light from outside by the hardness of disintegrated liquid crystals on glass. Inside of letting the light go through, each droplet disperses the light and shows off a milky surfacing. However, with the appearance of electricity, these crystals rearrange and allow light to go through.

Micro-Blind Smart Glass

By using electricity, this micro blinds smart window glass can be controlled. Fine, rolled metal blinds on the glass which can be controlled with electricity is what how this micro blind smart glass is made up of.

However, when there is no electricity, this fine rolled metal gets rolled and allows the light to come in. While, when it’s connected to electricity, between these rolled metal blinds and the glass an electric field is formed to block light from coming in. However, because of that action, the blinds unroll, become flattened, and block the lights from getting in.

Smart Window App

After you have purchased your smart window, you will need to download the mobile app on your Smartphone. This mobile app allows you to control your window and also monitor how it works. Through your Google play store or Apple App store, you can locate and download this app. after that, you need to follow up the steps to connect the app to the window. Once that is done, you can now monitor, control, and check how your window is doing.

Is Switchable Glass Window Expensive?

No, they are not expensive. Rather they are worth their price and even affordable to get. Irrespective of where you want to get your switchable glass from, there is a price at which this glass window would cost. From the price ranging from $85- $130, a square foot can be purchased. This means that you can only purchase switchable glass per square foot. However, the price increases depending on the number of square feet you want to purchase.

How Long Does Smart Windows Last?

This is one question asked by so many homeowners who wish to purchase this window. Surprisingly, Smart windows last for about 20 to 30 years. But if it’s a Smart film product you get, it lasts for about 10 to 20 years. This is because it is made of high-quality products. So for those years, it is completely good for your home irrespective of the type you get.