Accommodation Costs In Canada For International Students

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Are you planning to study in Canada? There are certain things you need to make inquiries about and plan for before moving to another country such as the cost of living. However, studying in a foreign country is a great opportunity for students. Before moving to another country, you need to find out the cost of living so you can prepare in advance. Meanwhile, foreign students, that want to go to college in Canada need thorough planning before they move there. Also, International students need to meet the cost of living and studying in Canada.

Furthermore, before moving to Canada, you need an estimate of the cost of living. You will need to provide proof for immigration to Canada that you have enough money available. nevertheless, your preferred college provides a cost-of-living estimate that the immigration officer will follow. Therefore, you will need to show evidence of $10,000 for a year if your college does not provide an estimate for student expenses.

Additionally, foreign students who wish to further their education in Canada need to compare the accommodation cost at some top locations in Canada. The table below shows the monthly

ProvinceAccommodation (CAD/month)
British Columbia842
New Brunswick442
Nova Scotia482

Type Of Accommodation In Canada For International Students

Nonetheless, colleges in Canada provide dormitories for the student to live in but some students prefer to rent an apartment. Meanwhile, it is advisable to go for the one you can afford. There are different accommodation options to go for.

  • Student residence dormitories and townhouses: colleges provide dormitories on-campus and off-campus for students to live in. dormitories are larger and they house many students. Meanwhile, the university manages dormitories and it is mostly preferred by first-year students

However, some townhouses are detached houses and they can house only up to 6 students. Both the dormitories and townhouses have a cafeteria close by where you can have your meals. Notably, they both have basic house utilities such as water, heat, and internet.

  • Off-campus shared apartment: apartment off-campus provides just a single room, in a living space with other roommates to students. Shared apartments are just like townhouses. you can have a roommate and you can stay alone. Condominiums provide a bedroom with a shared living room, kitchen, bathroom, and dining.


  • Furnished or unfurnished apartment rentals: there are several ways to find a short-term furnished apartment before you move to Canada. You can go online to find short-lets such as Airbnb, Craigslist, Wimdu, and HouseTrip. The apartment on this site is furnished with rentals. If you aren’t too sure about them you can go online and ask or read reviews about the rentals. There are advantages and disadvantages of living off-campus and on-campus. Living on-campus means you will be closer to your classes, you will get the international student community and the rental cost includes food and utilities.
  • Homestay: a student who prefers staying with a family goes for this option. You get your room and get three meals daily. By staying with your host family, you get to understand the Canadian culture and the family can help you when you are in need.

Cost Of Accommodation In Canada For International Students

The accommodation cost for international students studying in Canada depends on the province and the type of accommodation they go for. the cost for accommodation for international students in Canada on-campus accommodation ranges from 6,000 CAD to 16,000 CAD with meals for 8 months. The cost differs based on the university student are enrolled in.

Dormitories350 CAD – 600 CAD
Townhouse250 CAD – 650 CAD
Shared Apartment400 CAD – 800 CAD
Unfurnished apartment rentals300 CAD -500 CAD
Homestay700 CAD – 2200 CAD

The table above shows the cost of accommodation for international students. The price varies depending on the location.

How To Find Accommodation In Canada For International Students?

Interestingly, finding the right accommodation for a student in Canada can be quite challenging. Meanwhile, it is much harder if you haven’t found accommodation before you arrive in the country. there are some sites to find the right apartment before you get to Canada. Below are a few points you need to know when looking for accommodation.

  1. Firstly, Ask about the facilities: before you pick the accommodation, you want you to need to ask the accommodation provider about the facilities such as water, internet, heat, and TV.
  2. You need to ask about the meal plan if you are planning on staying on the campus and pay them in advance
  3. If you are a student with special needs. it is advisable to inform the university about it.
  4. Arrive early to campus: arriving early to campus helps you get familiar with the environment and you can get the best room before they are all filled