Best Travel Insurance Companies

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Are you in search of the best travel insurance companies for 2023? Then you are on the right page. In this article, we will be highlighting and discussing the best travel insurance companies for 2023. In the meantime, travel insurance can help protect your trip investment. Additionally, it is one of the best ways to save money, time, and frustration in case something goes wrong.

Best Travel Insurance Companies

For instance, if your flight is canceled or delayed, travel insurance can help with this issue. However, before purchasing travel insurance, you need to find a company that matches your needs. To illustrate this, most people need travel insurance that covers issues such as lost luggage and delayed flights. On the contrary, others need travel insurance to cover flight cancellations and other unplanned expenses.

For this reason, you must search for the right travel insurance company. But not to worry; we’ve got you covered. We understand that searching for the best travel insurance companies can be a challenge. So, we’ve carefully selected the best insurance companies for you. Check out the next outline.

Best Travel Insurance Companies In 2023

In determining the best travel insurance company, we considered the company’s rating, scores, customer complaints, how easy it is to access their services, and more. Our top five best travel insurance companies include Travelex, Allianz Travel Insurance, Travel Insured International, InsureMyTrip, and HTH Travel Insurance.


One of the best companies to get travel insurance coverage from is Travelex. This company offers a wide range of coverage for you or your family at a competitive price. Plus, kids are included in this coverage at no extra charge. In other words, you can get high insurance coverage at an affordable rate. Some of the benefits of using this company include competitive pricing for comprehensive coverage, children younger than 21 being covered at zero cost, multiple plan options with personalized features, and more.

You can get a quote for $28, which includes trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical, and more. Furthermore, Travelex covers cancellations up to 100% of the 25,000. Furthermore, for trip interruptions, you can receive up to 15% off the trip cost of up to $37,500.Lastly; their emergency medical limits are $50,000. You can get travel insurance from this company and enjoy the peace of mind that you need.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance is another top insurance company that offers the best travel insurance coverage to its customers. The history of the company can be traced back to 1890 in Germany. Allianz Travel Insurance has AM Best ratings ranging from A to A+, according to research. However, their services are available only to legal U.S. residents.  Meanwhile, the company offers four various annual plans with varying benefit levels.

Its most popular annual plan is the AllTrips Executive, and this is because it has the highest limits and coverage. This coverage provides tiered limits starting at $5,000 for trip cancellation or interruption coverage. Also, they offer $50,000 for emergency medicals and $250,000 for emergency transportation, per trip, per insured. You can also get Alltrips Basic, Premier, and Prime if you need a lower cost.

Travel Insured International

Another excellent and reasonably priced travel insurance provider is Travel Insured International. It was first founded in 1994 and is currently one of the leading travel insurance providers, offering worldwide travel protection to its customers across the state. They provide lower medical expense coverage as well as a wide range of other benefits.

These benefits include “cancel for any reason,” top-notch non-medical evacuation benefits of $150,000 per person, and good travel delay, among others. In addition, they maintain relationships with specialty travel providers and tour operators. Customers with one complaint or the other can contact their customer service team for 24/7 insurance assistance. Lastly, you can access their services and get information on their products directly from their official website.


InsureMyTrip, which was founded in 2000, is now regarded as one of the best travel insurance providers. They help customers’ insurers get good ratings. In addition, they offer their customers an easy-to-use sign-up tool to enable them to compare multiple policies based on their specific needs.

Also, customers can make use of filters to select policies that cover adventure sports, higher limits, increased medical coverage, and more. Other benefits accessible to customers include being allowed to search for quotes from multiple reputable insurers, shop around with one application for multiple trip types, and more. Lastly, they provide you with all the necessary information you need as a travel insurance buyer.

HTH Travel Insurance

If you need an insurance company that offers the best medical coverage for senior travelers, then you should consider getting travel insurance coverage from HTH Worldwide. This company offers a high level of medical coverage to senior travelers. In addition, you can get up to a $1,500 allowance when someone visits you in the hospital.

However, their medical evacuation is available for up to $500,000, but trip and baggage coverage are limited. The HTH travel insurance policy is available to applicants who are 95 years of age or younger. Lastly, they offer coverage to people without existing health coverage. Note that the age limit for HTM travel insurance is 74, but you will be provided with 180-day pre-existing condition exclusion.

Bottom Line

There are so many options to choose from when shopping around for travel insurance. However, we recommend you select a company that provides you with peace of mind and also helps you save if your travel plans are interrupted or canceled at the last minute. You can make use of our best travel insurance companies to select the right travel insurance option for you.