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Spread the love is a web platform that focuses strictly on automobiles such as cars bikes trucks and lots more. Statistics have shown that this web platform is the second largest of all automotive classified web platforms.

Get to know about this web platform which was originally launched in the second quarter of 1998. Its headquarters is located in Chicago Illinois with its official URL as as its web address. - Shop and Buy New and Used Cars on

In addition, is a leading online journey that keeps car shoppers and owners on board anywhere at any time. It features car sales and services and its finance calculator is a “go get”.

What’s on

As the name implies this platform deals strictly in the sales of cars. This web platform is highly rated as one of the top sales platforms online.

If you are looking forward to buying a car why not try this web platform? There are millions of both new and old cars that are been uploaded on a daily basis.

Users can check out the body style, make, and price of various cars. This is just to get more enlightened about the price and features of the car he or she wants to buy.

This platform is not just built for buying cars only user can also sell their car right now on this platform. But let me take you through the main menu sections.

There are just four major category options outside the account section. This menu option is open to both buyers and sellers who want to buy cars. It is also a quick section for a user to easily navigate around the web platform. The menu categories are namely:

  • Cars for Sale
  • Research & Reviews
  • News & Videos
  • Sell Your Car
  • Instant Offer

In each of these categories, note that there are other subcategories. Just like in the Car For Sale section, you will get to see cars for sale, find a dealer, estimate used car values, and lots more.

The same applies to other menu categories in the main menu section. While the Sell Your Car section is for users who would like to sell their cars on the platform.

Note that; There is also a section for service and repair that helps you find the best service center for your car and a lot more in your current location.

Buy Cars on

Users can find cars that are for sale; used and new. Users can click on the Find a car dealer icon to see all the car dealers that are close to them. Once you click on the find a dealer icon click on any of the listed results to get full information about the car dealer.

Users could read a car’s specifications and review a car before settling for it. If you bought a car that does not function properly, you can claim a refund from a car dealer. Contact Law Offices of Sotera L. Anderson to learn how you should proceed under the circumstances.

Icons direct users to Research car models, and review a car and the availability of a calculator to estimate used car values, user payment, and Certified Pre-owned cars for sale.

Meeting the right sellers and dealers has always been easy on the platform. Most users still find it difficult to buy a car on this platform.

How to Buy on

If you are looking for a particular model, there is always a car search menu section available for the user to make a search for cars. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to buy from this platform.

  1. Launch your preferred web browser and enter the URL in the address bar section.
  2. At the top menu, section click on the buy icon.
  3. Now here you need to select an option of your choice such as finding a car for sale or finding a dealer.
  4. You have to make use of the search box to make a quick search. Select a Make, Model, Price range, Miles, and Zip code.
  5. Click on the search icon to make a quick search.

Note that; users are supposed to select what category of car they want such as new or used.

How To Sell Your Cars On

In this section of the article, we will be discussing the steps and guidelines to successfully sell your cars on this platform. Check out the steps and guidelines below;

  • Open your computer device
  • Visit the official website of on your web browser
  • Or click
  • Next, locate the Sell Your Car icon and click on it
  • Then, read the instructions on the homepage
  • Next, click on List on
  • Enter your License Plate
  • Select your state
  • Or enter your VIN
  • Finally, follow the on-screen instructions

Following the above steps and guidelines, you can successfully sell your cars on this platform without hassle.

It is Worth It?

Yes, this platform is worth it. The good thing about buying on this platform they make sure that you get oil change checks so that once you hit the search icon you can always get the seller’s information. You can also see photos of the car and also contact the seller.

Most times, some of the cars have been sold out. You can always click the check availability icon to know if it’s still available. There is also a market comparison on the one you selected.

Users get service and repair advice to keep their cars in shape. If you want to afford to buy cars on sites like this, you can finance it by utilizing services like scrap my car today.

This platform creates an avenue for users to get a service estimate at a selected service center for car maintenance. This medium is of advantage to both car buyers and owners.

Every user who visits this platform can buy from this portal. Meet buyers and sellers, and get tips on how to service and repair your car. Users can also sign up for an account on this portal.

If you’re a new car owner, it’s advisable to know how to jumpstart your vehicle properly by reading the car’s manual, like that Volkswagen owner’s manual that can be found online, for example.