Best Power Banks and Prices in Nigeria

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Best Power Banks and Prices in Nigeria – Are you on the hunt for the best power bank available in Nigeria? Look no further, as I have the ideal suggestion for you.

This article aims to thoroughly explore and elaborate on some of the top and best power banks and their prices in Nigeria. Thus, read through this article till the end.

In a country like Nigeria, where the power supply is prone to erratic disruptions, individuals are driven to explore alternative methods of powering their mobile devices.

Best Power Banks and Prices in Nigeria

 As a result, it’s quite common for individuals to use portable power banks along with their mobile devices.

Considering the substantial amount of time many people dedicate to their electronic devices each day, it stands to reason that they would be reluctant to allow them to run out of battery power.

Therefore, this guide has been created for the purpose of identifying and recommending the most optimal power bank options available on the market.

The Top 7  Best Power Banks and Prices in Nigeria

Talking about power banks, there are different varieties in the market, and you choose them based on their specifications and brand.

Oraimo Power Bank

Oraimo Power Bank is one of the best power banks in Nigeria because it offers users different varieties and capacities that are affordable and readily available for buyers in many online and offline stores. You can buy Oraimo power banks at different prices and specifications.

Some Oriamo power banks:

  • Oraimo PowerBox 400 with 40,000 mah =N35,000
  • Oraimo Traveler 4 Pro with 20,000 mah =N19,000
  • Oraimo Traveler 3 byte with 27,000 mah =N29,000
  • Oraimo Toast 10 PD Pro with 10,000 mah =N15,000

New Age Power Banks

New-age power banks are generally expensive, but you’ll get value for money if you happen to purchase any of the specifications of new-age power banks that are available on many sales platforms.

It has a strong battery capacity. Another noteworthy aspect is its ability to rapidly charge while safeguarding the battery. What’s more? It uses certified rechargeable Li-ion batteries, which are safe to use.

Some New Age Power Banks:

  • New Age CK01 with 12,500 mah =N8,999
  • New Age CK20 with 22,500 mA =N12,500
  • New Age FC30 with 33,000 mAh =N22,990
  • New Age FC50 with 55,000 mAh = 40,000

Anker Power Banks

This power bank has a recharging capacity, and it offers a safer, faster charge.

It is also widely used because of its capacity, and it can easily be categorized as a luxury brand of power bank. Anker boasts of two models that have a 10,000 mah capacity.

Some Anker power banks:

  • PowerCore+=N30,000
  • PowercoreII=N59,000

Xiaomi Power Bank

The Xiaomi power bank, which is a solid power bank for your mobile devices, is capable of charging a smartphone several times, so you can rest assured that you’ll have power during travel or during an outage.

One great thing about the Xiaomi power bank is that it smartly adjusts power output to match the requirements of your smartphone.

Some Xiaomi powerbanks:

  • Xiaomi Mi with 10,000 mAh
  • Xiaomi Mi with 20,000 mah
  • Xiaomi Powerbank 3 with 30,000 mah

Havit Power Banks

Meanwhile, Havit Power Banks are an exceptional collection of power banks that boast impressive fast charging capabilities, effectively preventing prolonged charging times.

Additionally, they offer safeguarding features to ensure the safety and protection of your device.

Some Havit power banks:

  • Havit Power Bank Universal USB, 5,000 mAh =N6,500
  • Havit Power Bank Universal USB, 5,400 mAh =N8,500
  • Havit Power Bank, Universal USB, 6,000 mAh =N9,000
  • Havit Power Bank: Fast Charging 10,000 mAh =N10,000
  • Havit Power Bank Univsersal USB 16,000 mAh =N20,000

Romoss Power Bank

Romoss is a reputable power bank brand that has gained popularity in Nigeria. Also, the company boasts of utilizing high-quality batteries similar to those employed by top phone manufacturers, and their power banks are equipped with rapid charging capabilities.

Additionally, Romoss offers a diverse range of models to cater to varying consumer preferences and needs.

Some Romoss power banks include:

  • Romoss 18W Sense 8P+Power Bank 30000mAh=N30,000
  • Romoss 6F power bank: 20000 mAh =N19,000
  • Romoss Ares 20 power bank: 20000 mAh =N15,000
  • Romoss LT20PS + Power Bank =N14,000

Firman Power Bank

Firman power banks have gained notoriety for their sturdy construction and rapid charging capabilities, thereby solidifying Firman’s position as one of Nigeria’s preeminent power bank brands.

The brand has garnered predominantly favorable feedback from consumers, who laud the products’ durability and exceptional quality. Select models even feature LED flashlights. Prices for these coveted power banks vary according to model, ranging from N4,000 to N25,000.

Some specifications and prices:

  • Firman 10,000mAh Firman Superpower Bank=N8,997
  • Firman P15- 15,000mAh Marvel series portable=N9,250
  • Firman 20000mAh power bank universal digital mirror=N13,500

Where Can I Buy Power Banks in Nigeria?

Looking for a place to get your top-quality power banks and other valuable accessories in Nigeria? Look no further. Below are the best places to get affordable power banks.

  • Computer village
  • Jumia
  • Amazon
  • Ali Express
  • Jiji ng
  • Slot
  • com
  • com
  • 3c Hub
  • Olist Nigeria

These are the top 10 places to get affordable and quality power banks in Nigeria.

In conclusion

The significance of power banks in Nigeria is undeniable. If you’re in need of a power bank, the ones mentioned below are excellent choices. We trust that you will find this guide to be valuable