Dot Dot Loan – Apply for Personal Loan Online

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If you have bad credit and you want to borrow a loan and have not seen the right place to borrow this loan. The dot dot loan is the best place for you. However, the do dot loans offer you short-term loans and pay them back monthly installments within 3 to 48 months which depends on the money you borrowed. The dot dot is a loan you apply for online and it is quick and easy if you want to borrow the money. Dot dot is actually the trading name which is owned by Morses club plc which is Shelby finance limited.

The dot dot loan is used to support the construction of transportation projects and infrastructure through their direct loans, loan guarantees, or their lines of credit through several credit programs. The dot dot is based in Batley which is in West Yorkshire, they are friendly, efficient service and also straightforward. When you apply for their loan online, within the same hour you receive the loan you apply for and also with their 24/7 funding. With the new laws in place, the dot dot can charge a maximum of 0.8% interest as they have a reputation of being expensive.

Is Dot Dot Loans A Payday Loan?

You want to know how the dot dot loan works. Just like a payday lender, the short-term loan can also be used for the same purpose with their bad credit but the level of risk is lower. The loans are all unsecured which in other words you do not have to leave anything as collateral. Things you don’t have to leave as collateral include your house, and all other valuable things like you do to other loans

How Long Does it Take?

The dot dot loan is a quick loan funding which means when you apply for the loan and you are approved. Also, they fund loans every hour. Once you have been approved, you will receive the money within the same hour regardless of the time you are approved.

Is Dot Dot A Direct Lender?

Yes, dot dot is definitely a direct loan in the sense that you can apply for the loan online directly. Meanwhile, they also send the funds to you directly. The borrowers drop their bank account numbers when they are approved. Also, the money will be deposited in their account directly without any stress from them.

How Much Can I Apply To Loan?

You apply up to between £200 & £1000 which is a short-term loan and will be between 2 to 9 months and will also be carrying a representative APR of 1255%.  You can also borrow up to £1500 & £4000 which is a long period of 48 months. Meanwhile, this has a representative APR of up to 99.9% if you are approved. The returning customer can as well as borrow up to £1,000. Also, it depends on how well they manage the first loan while the new short-term loan customers can get up to £600.

How Do I Apply For A Dot Dot Loan?

When you want to apply for the dot dot loan, you must be able to meet up to some certain standard. If not, you won’t be able to apply for the dot dot loan. In order to be approved, The following are the ways you can apply for it.

  • A full UK resident
  • Aged up to 18 years or over
  • Valid email address and working mobile number
  • Currently employed

Because when you want to apply for the loan, it is an online dot dot loan might you other few questions that will be related to your expenditure, outgoing, and bank account information. They will also check your bank account activities through an API  with a system called open banking.