Echo Plus – How to Setup Echo Plus | Purchase

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Have you heard about the echo plus? We are here to offer you the best service by giving you researched and trusted information on the echo dot product. However, it is the second generation smart speaker which you can also get at a low price. With this product, you can start a smart home by connecting it to Alexa. Also, it is a larger part of the echo and can be removable on the outer part. The echo plus is in a cylindrical shape with 360 degrees sound and seven microphones so that the Alexa can hear you well when connected to it.

The echo plus is a hand-free speaker that you can command or control with your voice with an inbuilt home hub. It can connect to the Alexa to play music, ask questions, make calls, update on news, weather, and sports scores which will provide you answer to it immediately. Another amazing fact is that you can talk to it while you are 20-25 feet away from it. The echo has two surfaces while the plus has three surfaces you can pick from which makes it better.  The plus also has a power port and a reserved socket to connect your speakers.

Is Echo Plus Worth It?

Yes, the echo plus is worth it because it features speakers with 360 degrees of sound. It is built with a smart home hub and also a temperature sensor. With this, you can start a smart home easily without any problem? You can use it to do a lot of things when connected to the Alexa and tell the Alexa to discover your devices. Also, it has a lot of skills that you can think of as separate apps and things it can do for you.

How To Set Up Echo Plus

Setting it up is difficult and it is very easy to do. Follow the steps listed below on how you can set up your echo plus.

  • Plug in your device
  • Then open the alexa app
  • Open more and add a device
  • Select Amazon echo, echo plus and so on
  • Follow the guidelines to set up your device

Then you have successfully set up your echo plus. All you have to do now is to explore your smart home with it.

How to Purchase

You can buy echo plus in-store and online.  The following are ways you can buy the echo plus on their online website.

  • Visit their website at
  • Check or select the types of echo plus
  • Tap the one you want
  • Check the price, availability and so on
  • Click on the buy now icon
  • Pay for the echo and give them the address it will be shipped to

Once you have done this, you can now start your smart home. Once you have connected it you can now control your bulb, fan, door, coffee maker, and so on with just one command. Isn’t that amazing.