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Hangout meet is also known as Google hangout meet, it is a Google enterprise video conferencing software, offered as part of Google and also very free to access anytime. It is a service under Google that allows you to video chat with more than 250 people at a time. This version helps to keep in touch with one person or a group. Hangout meet is also known as Google meet, it is a free service for consumers to easily connect with each other and have a meeting via video call. The service can be used from your browser or the mobile app.

Hangout Meet is a video conferencing platform provided by Google workspace. It has the entire necessary video conferencing feature than any other competitor. That is because it supports as a large as 250 participants in a meeting. Meet employs anti-abuse precautions to keep your meeting safe, including anti-hijacking features and secure meeting controls. In an ongoing meeting, this service helps you to secure and save any information passed in the meeting. Like it was stated above you can either make use of the browser or the mobile app. You do not know how? Then follow this article to the end. It will help you a lot.

Features of Hangout Meet

There are lots of benefits of the hangout meet while using the browser and the mobile app. Like it was stated above, it is very safe and easy to use and it is free to use. The below are the features of the hangout meet to check it out

  • Controls meeting with the host
  • Unlimited participant in a meeting
  • Live captions during meeting
  • Screen sharing with meeting participants
  • Messaging with participant
  • Video preview screen
  • Integration with Google and Microsoft office apps

The above is the free features of the hangout meet or the Google meet. You can download the app today and enjoy the advantages of the meet. It is very important for every business owner that wants to organize a meeting.

How to Download the Hangout Meet App

To have access to the hangout meet, all you just have to do is download the hangout app. You can download the app on your device, any device available. To download the hangout app on your device, follow the below procedures.

  • Go to your mobile play store
  • Search for hangout
  • Click on download
  • Now install.

With the above, you can now download the app. After that, all you just need to do is sign up on the app with your details. Then you can start a meeting or join in a meeting any time you want. However, you need to know that, although the app or browser is free to use. You need to always make sure that your connection is stable.

How to Get Started With Hangouts Meet?

Using the hangout meet is the main purpose of downloading the App or even visiting the browser. To use the hangout meet, you can either make use of your browser or the app. You don’t know how? The below is how you can make use of the hangout meet app, follow the procedure.

  • Open the app or the browser
  • If you have signed in with G suite account, you will be able to start your own meet. Individual users cannot start their own video meeting on the Hangout app just after download.
  • Now click on the button showing on the main screen
  • You will see a window with the details of the meeting.
  • Click on share to share the meeting invites with the colleagues.
  • The people invited can now accept the invite
  • You can now start the conference
  • Click on the participant button to check on the people who are currently on the call.
  • You can also click on chat button to send message to the group at a time
  • Click on the ‘I’ button to see the meeting details. You can also invite more colleagues to the conference by tapping on the share button.

You can now start a meeting with the help of the Hangout meet both on the browser and the app. Note that, like it was stated earlier G suite account is a must if you want to set up a video account. But as an individual user, you can only join conferences.

How to Join the Video Conferences

To participate in a meeting, you need to go through processes. But if you do not know how do not panic because the below is how you can join a meeting on hangout meet

  • Go to the hangout meet on your device
  • Click on the icon to reveal the menu
  • Click on ‘use a meeting code’
  • Enter the meeting code or nickname and then click on ‘ join meeting’ button
  • You can now join the meeting.

Very easy to do, now you can join the meeting anytime you want without any problem. This procedure is available to use anytime. Just download the app today and enjoy all the advantages of the hangouts meet.