Hi5 and its almost identical site, Tagged are owned by if(we). Since my article will focus largely on hi5, the latter will be reserved and talked about some other day. Isn’t that what you would prefer too? Now let me give a brief analysis before I divert to its full details. Hi5 is one of the most popular social networks.


It aims at connecting people with different personalities from various locations. Just as its name implies, the ‘hi’ signifies greeting and the figure 5 right beside it describes friendship. Largely, it is known for its great gesture and features, that which its members use in relating with one another.

A true and cordial link hence alliance between its members is all that matters to a great portal such as this. For this reason, hi5 keeps a rise in traffic as it records millions of users for across the world. Owning to the fact that hi5 was launched as a gaming platform on the internet, it has since become a place for lots of quest in the air. Quite an enormous number of people meet have attained a peak in their status quo.

I always say that “when one is offered a chance to get rid of boredom, it should be gladly accepted”. And this is more like it! Discover new people, find friends, and learn a great deal while you interact with them. Did I hear you say you work around the clock? Ok, trust me you might want to try this portal for it is the best choice to use at every person’s leisure.

Hi5 Web Portal

Aside from being a suitable and an advanced social network with its classic functions one of which is the social game feature, hi5 owns lots more. It is literal, fun, global and readily available for use at all times. Let us take a quick tour on the portal interface and what it really offers.

Hi5 portal interface is designed to be a sleek, user-friendly so any activity on it is hurdle free. The web portal simply creates a path to get to meet and know new people. From there, the linked members take it to wherever they want. Thousands of people have gotten jobs through hi5; oh yes! I have a friend who knows someone who got his job on it. With people, you can do things and go places.

Some have made many friends, others are happily dating the ideal partners they met on the platform. You can visit the site to meet new people around your location, chat and flirt with numerous singles. Every day is a new dawn to meet different members on hi5.com and it keeps earning its points.

Hi5 web portal sleek interface welcomes a visitor to a homepage which gives an abstract of what it is all about and some other offer options. One of these is the account option which is on the upper section on the page. The portal main aim is scribed boldly on the homepage too. Also, an account sign up box with which a visitor can quickly register to be a member is set on a side on the homepage.

Hi5 Extra Features

Hi5 is a free medium to meet new people, make friends, chat unlimitedly, flirt and of course date online. It connects people in a specific location and allows its members from all walks of life to communicate and probably meet up. As stated in a review that hi5.com has an estimated figure of over 400 million visitors monthly, it is just as popular as that!

Other offers that are included are beneath on hi 5 homepage. These ranges from mobile, company, jobs, adverts placement among others. Another main key option on this social network and dating site is the language option. With this, a user can select his preferred language from the over 50 options that are provided to ease navigation. A number of locations are available where you can meet singles from such specified place.

A twist in the thrill is the presence of an online game feature on hi 5. Basically, this allows a member to play lots of games online, with other members. Over 100 games are on hi5.com to be explored and enjoyed online by its users. There is no greater fun than making friends with players (hi5 users) who play your favorite game as good as you do, even better. Why play alone when you could be an intriguing pair with other players? Pick a game, find people of common interest and keep the fun aloft.

Other Features

Hi5 search engine helps its users to filter results according to their personal settings. They can search for people nearby their locations and those with whom they share common interests. A user can post photos, join various groups based on interest and hobbies.

Photo albums and status updates can be created so that other members can comment on it. You can decide to accept, decline or even block a friend request. When you accept a request, such person appears on a list hi5 calls the “friends’ network”. You two can now stay connected and start sending messages. It has always been made easy.

Set who views your profile option enables users to either make their profiles available for everyone or to only the people on the friends’ network. Hi5 ensures privacy as much as you want it. In addition to my texts, a member can send a friend request via e-mail to other members.

It is only a need to register as a member before one starts enjoying the enormous offers on hi5. Apart from being an easy process, it is free to sign up. Like other social networks, you can create a custom profile. It’s high time you stay connected, that is the rule.

Hi5 Login & Sign Up

Join the moving train by being a part of hi5 family. Sign up, login, meet people, flirt, add and chat with them at anywhere at any time. Users’ convenience has always been a priority and fun is the point. in order to login to your account, you need to first create an account. The following are the step to step guides to create an account on this great platform.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the Url www.hi5.com on the address search bar.
  2. For a quick account sign up, fill in the details below Join Free! on the loaded page.
  3. Alternatively, select both to log in with Google or Facebook and enter your login details.
  4. Also, you can scroll down the page and select the location that suits you to create an account. However, it is likely expected of you to be from such location as some questions like its zip code need to be provided.
  5. Enter all data and press the ‘next’ box.
  6. A code is sent to your mail to verify the account.
  7. Sign in on the hi5 web portal and enter the verification code.
  8. Set up your profile and you are good to go.

However, before you can sign up to be a member on hi5, you have to be a person of 18 years and above. A premium upgrade, a licensed plan on hi5 is available at a good bargain. Get on the web portal to read more about its terms. For this reason, sign in with your login details to explore.

Hi5 Login

Here presents to you the next process to follow after your account has been created. This is the point where you are driven to hi5 main features. It is once this phase is activated that you can be referred to, as its member. Just like the above steps, this is only a few clicks away. Have you signed up for an account yet? If yes, let’s get started then with hi5 login. Once you have created your account, all you have to do is log in with your login details.

This hi5 login prompts a ‘verify your account’ box in which you enter the code that was sent to you. Make an advance to complete your profile set up. Update the filter to get your preferred search options. Now, you can get on the move to start meeting people from across the globe when you log in. You can visit the above URL on the sign up section to access hi5 login section. The

The login section is just at the top right corner of the home page. Enter your email address and password in the appropriate feed and click on the sign in icon to log in to your account.

Hi5 App

Meet people on the move by installing hi 5 app on your mobile device. Chat with other users around your location and across the globe. Navigate between people and the activity options, play games unlimitedly and enjoy lots more at the expense of your internet connection. It is free, mobile and easy to use.

To download this hi5 mobile app for Android devices, visit Google Play for Android users. All you have to do is search for hi5 on its search bar and proceed to install it on your device. If you are an iPhone or iOS user, it is no problem as you can get yours on App Store. Get your today and you would for yourself that no words can amount to how great hi5 is.