– How to Install Hotjar on Your Website

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As we all know, is one of the most reliable tools for analysis and feedback. Most users have fine it difficult how to install hotjar on their website. This is a very simple process but we going to take it to step by step. However, is a tool that calls itself all-in-one, as it includes both analytics and the collection of feedback from users. is an integrated website analytics solution that includes heatmaps of user behavior, session recordings with mouse tracking, and conversion funnels.

In other to get analysis and feedback from your website you need to install hotjar tool on your website. With this tool, can get data and information on your website. Let’s get started on how to install hotjar on your website. A new way to survey your audience! Introducing Hotjar’s mobile-optimized Full-screen Surveys: Use Surveys & chat widgets together Customize Full-screen

How to Install Hotjar on Your WordPress

There are 3 basic steps on how to install hotjar on your website this is quite easy and simple. But the user has to set up an account. That’s very necessary.

  • Create a account.
  • Add the hotjar tracking code to your website.
  • You are ready to go login into your account and start using

In other to set up an account on this platform, you can read about the account setup process by clicking here. Or you can visit And enter the account information you want to use to create the account. Click on let’s get started and complete the short survey.

Note that you can also sign up using Google Account like your Gmail account. This can be done when you click on sign up with the google icon just below where you enter your information.

Adding Hotjar Tracking Code to Your Site

Adding tracking code to your site makes it easy for hotjar to collect information from your site directly. For every website that you add to this platform, there is a need to add the tracking code of the website.

This can manually be done or you can check the specific guidelines for your platform as there is a specific guide for all platforms. Click here to get a specific guide list for all platforms.

Once you have successfully installed the tracking code on your website you can now start using the features like Heatmaps, Recordings, Forms, Funnels, Polls, Surveys, and recruiters.

How to Add Tracking Code Manually

If you want to manually install code to your website. You need to copy the code from the web platform after you have a login to your account and follow the below steps.

If you have successfully login to your account and have copied the code. You need to pass the code on a live page on your website. It is recommended that you add the code to your website template. This enables the code runs on every page on your website.

If you have successfully installed tracking code on your website. You need to check back in a few minutes for the platform to verify that the code is correctly installed on your website. This effect does take place when a page of your site is been loaded or refreshed. You can visit any page of your site yourself.