Housekeeping Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

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Are you a foreigner? Do you want to work as a housekeeper in the USA? Do you know that housekeeping jobs in the USA can earn you about $250,000? If yes, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. In the USA there are thousands of job opportunities available for you. And that includes a Housekeeping job. These jobs are available and open to all foreigners who are skilled and experienced. So, if you are then you can apply for this job now. But before that, there are certain things you need to know. Want to know them? Then you should read to the end of this article.

Getting a Housekeeping Job in USA is a very good idea if you really want to work. The job pay is also very good so you can proceed to apply for the job. Moreover, there are millions of employers in the USA in search of housekeepers who are very willing to work. And the job involves; helping clients with their day-to-day activities, providing them with companions, and taking care of your client’s house. Especially areas assigned under your care. How good are you at this? Then you can apply by reading through this article to know all you need to about the job before applying.

Housekeeping Job Description

Cleaning must be done, and any safety risks must be reported to the homeowner or manager in control. Housekeepers also have to do things around the house. That includes; sweeping, emptying trash cans, dusting bookshelves, washing windows, and also mopping floors. Some housekeepers are also given the duties of laundry, light ironing, dishwashing, and linen changing.

Responsibilities of a Housekeeper in the USA

There are certain responsibilities assigned to a housekeeper. One of the major responsibilities is that a housekeeper must maintain the workplace in accordance with the standards set by their employer. This calls for meticulousness, physical stamina, and the ability to perform lengthy shifts. However, aside from that, there are other responsibilities given to a housekeeper in the USA. And they would be made known to you below. So, housekeepers are to;

  • Obtain training and sign the contract with the business
  • Learn the company’s policies about work shifts, guest property, and privacy concerns
  • After guests check out, perform fundamental cleaning tasks including changing the linens, replenishing the toiletries, arranging the towels, vacuuming, and dusting the room
  • While providing service, report and return any guest property found in the rooms
  • Inform the supervisor of any instances of property damage in commercial spaces
  • On each shift, collaborate with a team of housekeepers
  • When the shift is over, thoroughly clean, sanitize, and store all equipment.
  • Uphold cordial ties with staff and visitors
  • Keep track of and report on the cleaning supply inventory
  • Respond to requests for assistance with cleaning issues including spills and broken glass
  • Gather and eliminate waste and garbage
  • linen management, which entails washing, drying, ironing, and classifying laundry
  • Reporting, delivering, and logging all lost and found items
  • spick-and-span upholstered furniture
  • When necessary, carry out extensive deep cleanings
Housekeeping Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Requirements For a Housekeeping Job In USA

It is not necessarily required for a housekeeper to have a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to find employment. An employer could require you to have work-related experiences, such as history and solid references from previous employers, and that you can effectively interact with others. Other requirements include;

  • Ability to effectively manage your time.
  • Work well without supervision.
  • Lifting capacity of at least 25 pounds.
  • Take care of cleaning and basic maintenance.
  • Possess the ability to behave professionally and get along well with hotel visitors.
  • strong worker

Attentiveness to detail and heightened awareness are also essential qualities for a competent housekeeper. This ability is crucial so they can clean obscure areas that harbor dust and filth. The ideal applicant will be physically capable of walking and bending for extended periods of time because the position also involves a certain amount of physical strength. During shifts, they could also need to lift large objects and utilize the stairs numerous times.

Because they must swiftly prepare rooms before guests check-in, a seasoned housekeeper is skilled at time management. Uniformity is another quality of an excellent housekeeper. They are also able to replicate identical environments with little or no guidance.

Average Salary Of Housekeeping Jobs In The USA

The average hourly pay for housekeepers is $11.30. Weekdays, weekends, and occasionally holidays are all part of their work schedule, depending on the employer’s rules. Overtime requirements for housekeepers frequently result in increased pay. Their compensation is influenced by the employer, working conditions, time of year, place of employment, type of work, and level of experience.