How To Create A Playlist On Spotify

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Many new or already existing Spotify users, tend to ask the question “Can I create my playlist on Spotify?” “How do I Create a Playlist on Spotify?” or even “what is a playlist?”. However, if you find yourself under this category, then this article is for you.

It is not impossible to listen to thousands of songs from different artists on Spotify as you go. But at the same time, it is more interesting when you have your songs arranged for every mood. And a playlist can help with that.

A playlist can be referred to as a custom compilation of songs and music videos. Its uses include enabling you to create your desired musical atmosphere and maintain it without constant user interaction. And also, without the interruption of different styles of music.

How To Create a Playlist on Spotify

So, with a playlist, you do not have to start searching for songs that fit your mood, as just in a few minutes you can have them already arranged, except you come across something new that you would like to add. Moreover, it helps you customize or arrange how you want the songs you listen to and love.

Would you like to create a playlist(s) on Spotify, that you can not only just listen to but share with friends, but do not know how to go about it? I suggest you read through this article to be enlightened.

How To Create a Playlist on Spotify

Creating a playlist on Spotify is pretty easy. But first, you would need to have an account on Spotify. As you would need one to use Spotify or even create a playlist.

So, do you own an account? Have you created one? Then you can follow the steps that would be listed for you below to create a playlist on Spotify.

As a mobile device or Pc device user, you might be worried that you might not be able to create a playlist on either of these devices. However, I’d suggest you worry less as the music platform is available for use on both mobile and pc devices. And a playlist can be created regardless of the type of device you are using. How to create one? Here are simple steps you can follow below;

How to Create a Spotify Playlist on Your Mobile Device

Whether you are an android or an iOS device user, you can still create a playlist on Spotify. Creating a playlist with your mobile device is easier and faster than doing so on your PC device. You just need to install the Spotify mobile app on your device, launch it and sign in to your account. Once you have signed in, here are steps you can follow to create a playlist on Spotify;

  • Open the Spotify App
  • Proceed to ‘Your Library’ Page
  • After that, tap on the plus icon at the top right side of the displayed page
  • Click on ‘playlist’ in the menu that you would find at the bottom of the page
  • That being done, you would be required to name the playlist you want to create
  • Once you have named it, then you can click on the ‘Create’ button

With this, you have successfully created your playlist on Spotify. However, note that a playlist is not complete when it’s empty. Therefore, you are required to click on “Add songs” to completely set up your playlist. Also, if you need an alternative, you can make use of the search engine or the browse tab to find and add songs to your playlist by clicking on the ellipses next to it and then the ‘Add to playlist’ button you would find in the menu section.

How to Create a Spotify Playlist on Your Pc Device

As earlier stated, aside from using your mobile device to create a playlist on your Spotify account, you can also create a playlist using your pc. The process is not complicated though, it is just quite different from the process of using a mobile device. So, do you regularly use a PC device? Here are steps you can follow to create a Spotify Playlist using your Pc below;

  • Open Spotify on your PC device (you can install the app).
  • Locate and tap on the ‘Create Playlist’ button at the left sidebar.
  • Once that is done, you have automatically and successfully created a playlist.
  • Then you can rename it by clicking on the ‘Name’ button.
  • You can customize your playlist to what you want, by adding a description and a cover photo.
  • Then once you are done, you can save the playlist by clicking on the ‘Save’ icon.

Once you have saved, you can now proceed to add songs to your already created playlist. Besides, a playlist isn’t considered one without the availability of songs in it. Especially songs you listen to and love. You can make use of the search bar you would find on the homepage to find nice songs by title or artists to add to your playlist. Once you have found the songs you like, do not hesitate to click on the add button to add them to your music collection.

How to Make Blend Playlist

Aside from the regular playlist you can create on Spotify, there is another type of playlist you can create and that is known as the ‘blend playlist’. This playlist is one where you can combine songs from your playlist and those from other people together to form another playlist.

Moreso, the kind of music added here depends on the genre or type of music you as the user is currently listening to. Plus, regardless of the type of device you use, you can create the blend playlist on your Spotify account. Here is how to go about that below;

  • Open the Spotify App
  • Visit ‘Your Library’
  • Tap on the plus icon at the top right of the page
  • Click on ‘Blend’
  • Then tap on the ‘Invite’ button and select a sharing option to send an invite link to a friend

Once your friend joins your blend, you would be able to see songs they add to the created playlist. However, you can add as many people as you want to the blend playlist. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Add person > Invite More’ to send another link out to people you would love to share a playlist with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Creating a Playlist on Spotify Free?

Yes, creating a playlist on Spotify is free and accessible anytime you want. It is both free to create on a premium and a free account. But just a premium account user, accesses more of Spotify’s features compared to a free user.

Is There a Limit to The Number of Playlists I Can Create on Spotify?

No, there is no limit to the number of playlists you can create on the music platform. That implies that you can create as many playlists as you want on the platform. You can even create up to a thousand that you can share with many other active users.

Can I Combine Playlists on Spotify?

Yes, you can combine playlists. All you just need to do is navigate to the playlist you would like to merge. Then click on the three dots at the top of the playlist page. You would find the menu options. Click on the ‘Add to another playlist’ and then select a playlist from the list on the displayed add to the playlist to combine the playlist.

Can I Make My Playlist Private?

Yes, you can make your playlist private, if you do not want to share it with other Spotify users. How? Open the app, click on the playlist you want to make private, click on the three gray dots, then locate the ‘make private’ icon and click on it to make that playlist private.

However, aside from making your playlist private, you can also choose to make it public or unlisted.