How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing – Are you interested in earning money online? If so, affiliate marketing is a good way to. Besides, online creators frequently establish partnerships with brands to promote their products and services, earning a commission for each sale in return.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

When considering starting your own affiliate marketing business, it’s essential to grasp the fundamentals. This knowledge will help you set realistic goals and steer clear of common pitfalls.

One of the key advantages of affiliate marketing is its accessibility. You can start affiliate marketing with minimal investment, as all you need is your laptop or even your smartphone. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps to kickstart your affiliate marketing journey.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model where third-party publishers and content creators promote a merchant’s goods or services and receive a percentage of the sales or web traffic made.

As an affiliate marketer, the money you earn depends on the sales you make. It is just like a salesperson being paid a commission for a successful sale.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is the process whereby affiliates earn commissions for promoting a product owned or made by another retailer. In this marketing, four main actors are involved, each of whom plays an outstanding part in the marketing process. These actors are as follows:

  • The Affiliate (The Publisher): The affiliate is one who promotes the merchant’s product or service
  • The Merchant: The person or entity selling the product or service is the affiliate promoter.
  • The Affiliate Network: This is the person in between an affiliate and a merchant’s affiliate program. Though affiliates and merchants can link without the help of an affiliate network,
  • The Customer: This is the person who buys a product through an affiliate. Merchants partner with affiliates to link with the affiliate’s audience and convert them into customers.

An affiliate can link up with merchants after making some initial contacts through a program. The affiliate can then find other suitable merchants and gradually develop a wide network of brand partners in a specific industry.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

The secret to affiliate marketing is that your earnings potential is extremely dependent on the niche you select. The list below will guide you on how you can start an affiliate program, and they are as follows:

Choose a Profitable Niche That You are Passionate About

Choosing a segmented target market or audience (Niche) is the first step in any successful affiliate marketing strategy. A market niche is naturally considered by a shared interest or demographic, prompting product quality and price point.

For example, the hair treatment industry’s niches comprise hair treatment for kids, adults, and so on. Focusing on a small market segment is more active than following trends in an entire industry.

It makes starting brand recognition, building authority, and growing expertise easier. There are some things you need to consider if you want to choose an affiliate marketing niche. They are as follows:

  • Firstly, consider your passion and interest.
  • Examine your competitors.
  • Evaluate market demand.

With all this, you should be able to choose a profitable niche.

Build a Website Where You Can Promote Your Products

If you have finally chosen a niche, it is now time for you to create a website for your affiliate marketing operations. Though there are a lot of websites to choose from, you can build your own.

An affiliate website offers a dominant hub for all your affiliate marketing content, providing you with more opportunities to highlight promotional materials.

Operating your affiliate website refers to having a lot of control over the platform. This offers you more freedom when approaching affiliate marketing efforts. There are three essential steps that you can use to develop a good affiliate website, and they are as follows:

  • Getting web hosting.
  • Selecting a website-building platform.
  • Customize your website.

Join an Affiliate Program

Another step to take that would help, if you want to venture into affiliate marketing is to affiliate programs to start promoting products and earning commissions.

Although a program is a straight partnership between you and a brand, there are different types of programs that you can choose from. Before you start promoting a product, you should look at these six key areas, which are as follows:

  • Customer support.
  • Conversion rate.
  • Commission rate.
  • Earnings per click (EPC)
  • Cookie duration.
  • Product quality.

Once you have decided on the affiliate marketing program you want to join and the products to promote, your next step is to create content.

Create Valuable Content that Attracts and Educates your Audience

The website you have decided to choose does not matter, but your content is really important. Without good, useful content, your affiliate marketing project will lack a lot.

Therefore, you must make sure the content has good information, reviews, comparisons, and round-ups. You must also make sure it identifies your customer’s pain points, provides solutions, differentiates yourself, builds trust, showcases benefits, triggers emotions, and inspires action.

Add your Affiliate Links Strategically to Your Content

Inputting an affiliate link is very easy, but doing it well is somehow complicated. While adding your affiliate link, it is important to avoid adding too many links. This is because adding excessive links can affect your standing, user experience, conversion rate, and SEO.

Also, sending your customers to a page when they are not even ready to buy is unlikely to result in a sale.

Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Website

Once you have a good amount of available content, you should look for a way to drive traffic to your affiliate website. Doing so is important and necessary to create leads, attract potential customers, and boost conversions.

It is a must that you create an SEO strategy. The more your website appears on search engines, the more traffic you get. SEO includes link building, keyword optimization, and making sure the site is mobile-friendly.

You can also create traffic to your affiliate website using the method listed below:

  • Be active on social media.
  • Write guest posts.
  • Participate in online forum discussions.
  • Start an email campaign.

Track and Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing Performance

Unlike most traditional marketing campaigns, it is possible to track your performance as an affiliate marketer. You will have to get used to a few tools if you want to understand how you track every cent in your affiliate marketing business.

On your website, you are permitted to track your visitors, clicks, and sales. You need to focus on Google Analytics and Google Console to understand which of your affiliate marketing efforts are working best.


Affiliate marketing is an easy-to-scale and low-risk business model that permits you to make money online when you create promotional content. Luckily, affiliate marketing does not require advanced technical knowledge or a large budget.