How to Track a Phone Number

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How to Track a Phone Number – Misplacing your mobile device can be a very scary experience especially if all the important details and documents are not backed up to where you can easily recover them if you are looking to get a new phone.

How to Track a Phone Number

Well, fret not, as it is possible to track your mobile phone and get it back. There are several methods and ways you can use to regain your lost device, and one of these is through your Phone number. Does this leave you with the question “How can I track my phone using a phone number?”.

However, you do not necessarily have to lose your phone before you can track it using your phone number. You can also track a number if you are being scammed. Then find the location of the fraudsters. How to go about this? Read on to be enlightened.

How to Track a Phone Number Using Google Maps

Tracking a phone number on Google Maps is very helpful, especially in situations such as finding the location of a stolen or lost Smartphone, monitoring employees, and knowing the whereabouts of a child. The steps below will show you how to track a phone number with Google Maps:

  • On your mobile device, open the Google Maps app.
  • Login to your account.
  • Tap on your profile picture > location sharing> share location.
  • Choose the contact.
  • Choose how long you would like to share your location.
  • Click the profile of the person that you want to share the location with.
  • Tap on Share.

To get the real-time location of the person that you want to track, you can follow the steps mentioned above.

How to Use the Google Maps Search Feature to Track a Phone Number

If you are unable to track the location of the user if the user is not among your Google contacts, you can make use of the Google Maps search features to find the location. Here is how to do it:

  • Launch the Google Maps app on the target mobile device.
  • Click on Location sharing.
  • Tap on Add people.
  • Copy the location by sharing the link to your device.
  • Then you can track the phone number location by using the link.

The above-mentioned are the steps that must be carried out if you want to track the location of a target device by using the Google Maps search feature.

Best Phone Tracker Apps

Phone tracker apps enable you to track the exact location of a phone number. All that is required is the phone number and an internet connection.

However, if you are trying to track a lost or stolen phone, you can use the tools in these phone tracker apps. Here is a list of our top picks of phone tracker apps:


PeopleLooker is a tracker app that provides a reasonable reverse phone lookup tool that enables you to verify the identity of an individual by using their mobile phone number.

It also lets you gain access to the extensive database that contains tons of public records and raises your chances of getting lots of information about someone linked to a specific phone number.


Intelius is a strong tool used for tracking phones and it helps people gain insight into an unknown phone number. It also enables them to find a location by using the phone number. 

Intelius allows its users to gain important information about callers by just entering their phone numbers. 

Furthermore, this phone tracker has some cutting-edge technology that provides extensive details such as the caller’s address, name, and other associated records.


mSpy is a very popular phone tracker that is mostly used for parental control. This app is also used for employee monitoring and it can also find the location just by using a phone number.

mSpy enables the users to easily track the location, social media activity, messages, and access call logs of the target’s device. Furthermore, it also provides a range of features for helping users to keep tabs on their device usage.


Hoverwatch is a phone tracking app that is specially designed for parental control and also employee surveillance. This app records messages, call logs, and social media activities.

Furthermore, it has GPS tracking that can easily locate the device of the target. Overall, Hoverwatch offers a secretive way to monitor the tabs on device usage while providing various insights.


Spynger is also a monitoring and phone tracking solution that provides exclusive features specially designed for parental control. This app also allows users to easily track calls, social media activity, and messages on the device of the target. 

In addition, it offers real-time GPS tracking to find locations by just using the phone number. Furthermore, provides a comprehensive solution for being informed about whereabouts and device usage.


uMobix is a free phone tracking software platform that is specially designed for employee monitoring and parental control.  It also enables users to track messages, calls, and the location of the target’s device.

Furthermore, it provides insights into the device usage and makes sure that there is safety and security while also respecting privacy.


Cocospy is a famous monitoring and phone tracking solution that is an ideal choice for both employee surveillance and parental control.

It also offers extensive insight into the target’s device activities such as messages, GPS location, calls, and social media. Furthermore, Cocospy is also known for its discreet operation and user-friendly interface.


Phonsee is an excellent app that is used to find the location of a target with just a phone number. It is an ideal app for finding the location of the target through GPS.

It also provides geofencing that alerts you of the device’s entry or exit. Furthermore, Phonsee also provides detailed data and timestamps and it is the best app for parental monitoring.

Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator is another great app to track and also trace any device with just a phone number.

This app allows you to check the information of the target such as name, local area code, user details, carrier coverage map and others.

In addition, users can find this tracking solution very easy to use because of its intuitive interface. Thus, making it the ideal app for business and personal use.

Mobile Number Locator has a fast-tracking capability and this means that people using the app will have precise details at their disposal and this will allow them to be ahead at all times.


Spokeo is also an online people search engine that offers a platform for users to get all the details about individuals by entering their phone number, name, email, and even their home address. 

The app gets data from several sources such as public records, and social media, and it gives insight such as social profiles, contact details, and many more. 

Furthermore, Spokeo makes your search much easier with its tools and features which can help you to get the location of the target by just using a phone number.

The apps mentioned above are the ideal apps for tracking phone numbers and getting accurate information about their location.  These apps are the perfect solution for both business and personal use.