Imo App – Free Video Calling And Messaging App

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Do you need a fast and reliable messaging App that allows you to send instant messages and make video calls with your friends and family? Then the Imo App is the right suggestion for you.

Imo App - Free Video Calling And Messaging App

Since its inception, Imo has been able to connect friends and family all over the world. Over 200 million people from across the world make use of the Imo App to make free video calls and chat.

You can make use of the App to send instant messages voice messages or video calls without stress or hassle.

The Imo App can be downloaded on your Mobile and Desktop operating systems. In order to get the best chatting and video call experience, the Imo App comes in different versions for all operating systems. You can either download the Imo HD Imo Lite or the Imo Beta version.

Aside from making free video calls and sending free instant messages with the App. You can use the Imo App to send music, videos, Pdf, and a lot more and the amazing thing is that there is no limit to what you can send.

However, there is a size limit to the file that can be sent and its limit is 10G. But you will get the best free video call and chatting experience with the Imo app on your device.

Features of Imo App

There are quite a number of features that you will get to enjoy as a user of the Imo App. From its free group and one-on-one calls to its free international calls. You will then Imo App really intriguing and mind-blowing. Below are some of the features of the Imo App;

  • It supports Group video and Audio chats.
  • Send free and instant messages.
  • You can make free audio and video calls.
  • It allows you to share photos and documents.
  • Make free international calls.
    • Quickly find your contacts.
  • Your message history and files are securely synced in the Imo cloud.
  • Live streaming.
  • Less data usage.
  • You can customize your profile with cool themes, backgrounds, and more.

The features of the App are quite extensive and all cannot be mentioned. Imo keeps updating its App version and so it keeps providing all its users with new and amazing features.

However, data charges might apply while using the App. You can check the next outlines below on easy and simple steps to download the App into your Mobile or Desktop application.

Imo App Download

The App can be downloaded on your iOS and Android devices from the Google and App store respectively. For Desktop users the App can be downloaded on your Windows and Mac.  As I earlier mentioned, the Imo Lite comes in different versions the Imo HD, Lite, and Beta.

And so, before downloading the App on any of your operating systems, you will need to select the version you prefer more. Note, that you can download the app from the official website, or you can use other reliable App stores.

Follow the steps and guidelines below to download the App on your desired software.

Download for Android and iPhone/iPad users

  • From your device’s home screen, tap to open your Google or App Store.
  • Using the search engine, search for the Imo App.
  • You will be provided with a list of options.
  • Select the Version of the App you wish to download.
  • Tap on the App from the options.
  • Click on the Install or Get icon.
  • Launch and open the App.

Imo App Download for Windows

  • Open your Windows web browser.
  • Go to the official website of Imo.
  • On the Homepage, you can tap on Imo for Windows or click on any of the Imo versions.
  • Once the App has been downloaded, open and follow the on-screen instructions to install the App.

How To Download for Mac

  • Open your web browser.
  • Visit the official website of Imo.
  • On the Imo homepage, you can tap on Imo for Mac or tap on any of its versions.
  • Open the App once downloaded and follow the prompts to install the App.

There you have it. Those are the simple and easy steps and guidelines to follow in order to successfully download the Imo beta on any of the mobile and Desktop operating systems.

Don’t forget you can download the Imo app from the official website of Imo by simply clicking on download Imo APK. Now you can start sending free and fast instant messages and also make free high-quality video calls.

How To Sign Up For IMO

Imo unlike some other social and video call platforms doesn’t have a big deal sign-up process. The platform works just like WhatsApp but the only difference is that IMO can only make video calls, send short messages, and share photos.

On the platform, your phone number and address book will be used to connect you with your friends. So, after successful installation of the app, the user has to enter his mobile number and select a country in other to get an SMS or a mobile call to verify the mobile number you entered.

After your mobile verification is done successfully. The next page is where you have to enter your Full Name and Age. Click on the next icon on the right to proceed.

This is where you will be required to invite friends from your phone book. You can opt out of this step or select all contact that doesn’t have the app logo and click on invite to invite them to join the free video call platform.