Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks – 8 Easy Tips and Tricks

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Hey there! Would you like to Learn Microsoft Excel, or do you need a few tips and tricks? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we will be providing you with basic Microsoft Excel training and also providing simple tips and tricks that you can try out. If you are interested in this, read through this article until the end.

Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks - 8 Easy Tips and Tricks

In the meantime, Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program or piece of software in the Microsoft Office suite. It is a very popular program among office workers, particularly those who work with tables and calculations.

This application enhances data organization, analysis, and computations. This platform is mainly focused on working with tables, rows, columns, and formulas. This tool can automate your daily tasks and work, thereby increasing office efficiency.

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8 Easy Microsoft Tips and Tricks For Beginners

For both beginners and masters of this tool, there are still useful tips and tricks to be learned and therefore cannot be overlooked. The role of Microsoft Excel in a firm cannot be overlooked. Here are some useful tips and tricks you need to know on Microsoft Excel;

1 One-Click Select All

Normally, to easily select or highlight all data, you just have to press ctrl + A, but unfortunately, not everyone knows about this as a shortcut. Alternatively, to this short cut, there is a way through which users can do this. A simple click of the corner button will select all data in seconds.

2 Opening Excel Files in Bulk

This trick will help users easily open files in bulk and save the time of opening files one by one or single. To do this select all the files you want to open and press the enter key. Immediately all the files will be opened simultaneously.

3 Shift between Excel Files

It’s really exhausting shifting between different files. What if I tell you of a way to easily navigate between these files without having to mix your work or working on the wrong file? To do this press Ctrl + Tab and then you can easily shift between files.

4 Fill Cells in a Flash

This “excel” feature helps in saving time when filling cells. All you need to do to make use of this tool is this. When on the application, start typing in a column to the right of your data. You will be given suggestions for the rest of the cells. To make use of the suggestions, click on enter.

5 Get Your Total by Going Formula Free

Do you want to add a total row without having to make use of any formula? This feature will help you. To do this just click on anywhere inside the excel table and press ctrl+Shift+T. excel will immediately add the total row to the bottom.

6 Add Tables to Your Data

Another Microsoft Excel tips and tricks you need to know is “add tables to your Data”. To do this, just click on anywhere inside your data and press Ctrl + T.

7 To Add More Than One New Row or Column

It is quite a waste of time and really tiring when you want to add more rows and columns but you only know how to add one at a time. What if I tell you that there is a way you can add multiple rows and columns at a time. To do this, drag and select X rows or columns, if you want to add more rows or columns, above or left.

Next, right-click on the highlighted rows or columns and choose insert from the drop-down menu. Immediately new rows will be inserted above the row or to the left of the column you first selected.

8 Ask Tell Me

This feature is used to search for functions you have used before but don’t know where they are in the system. To use this feature, click the box labeled tell me what you want to do. Search for the button you want.


These are just some of the basic tips and tricks you should know about the Excel platform for now. To get to know more about the Microsoft Excel application, you need to start making use of it.