Microsoft Office – How To Access Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office is a suite of products developed by Microsoft Corporation that includes Microsoft word, excel, access, publisher, PowerPoint, and outlook. Each program serves as a different purpose and is compatible with other programs included in the packed. The suite of programs is compatible with both the windows and Macintosh operating systems. Microsoft office is the most common form of software in the western world. MS office is very useful to humans, as it allows your business to keep everything filed in a neat and orderly fashion to speed your works and business up.

Microsoft Office - How To Access Microsoft Office

MS Office can be used to type letters and envelopes, create a spreadsheet, make labels and produce presentations for your home office. Microsoft office, otherwise called MS office, is a dominant programming suite for highlighting numerous work area distributing programs. It accompanies everything that may come into utilization in a great office setting. In an office or company environment, MS office tends to be a standard, without which you won’t get much done. Even if you will make use of it only at home, it can also be very useful to you for very basic things.

Features Of Microsoft Office

MS office includes features that enable specific collaboration models. And also this platform includes a feature that is designed to help make your documents and files more secure. This feature enables users to save/ store their documents for future purposes. It is safe using Microsoft office and also easy to use it. The Microsoft office has some features that help users in writing, organizing editing of their works, such features are Microsoft word, Microsoft publisher, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft one note, Microsoft picture manager, Microsoft clip organizer, and others that have their own various functions important to the users.

How To Access Microsoft Office

It is very simple to access the Microsoft office on your PC. To access your Microsoft offices simply go through the following steps.

  • On your desktop home screen
  • Click on the menu button at the bottom left sight of your desktop.
  • Scroll downward or upward for Ms office

Finally, you have been able to access the Microsoft office; you can now select any of the features which you require to use for your works depending on what you want to do. MS Office does not require you to create an account in all the features before you can access it. Some of the features do not require you to create a Microsoft account or sign in using your Microsoft account before you can use it. While some features require you to sign in with your Microsoft account. And if you don’t have a Microsoft account and you want to sign up for it just click here And follow the instructions giving to you.