There are a lot of many website online in which users can send mail to their colleagues. However, Outlook 365 Sign In happens to be one of the websites. In which users can send and receive emails from. Microsoft Outlook Sign- in has made the sending and receiving of email very easy. In the sense that on sending emails to any other mails recipient it might contain pictures, heavy file and documents.

Microsoft Outlook Sign In - Sign In or Create Your Account Today From Microsoft Outlook Email

Meanwhile, the action listed above can be carried out if there is a good internet connection or not. Users will be unable to send or receive mails. Also, before any action can be carried out on the Microsoft Outlook email Sign In website. You have to first of all create an account. Furthermore, without creating an account with the website nothing can be done

How do I Create an Account with Microsoft Outlook Website?

Before anything can be done on the website, users must pass through this step. The account creation page is meant for every visitor on the website. Meanwhile Creating account helps you enjoy part of the interesting features of Microsoft Outlook like sending and receiving mails for free of charge. However, when your account is created, no need to install any app before your message can be sent or before you can receive message on the website. Steps on how to create an account on the website will be listed below

  • Launch your PC browser, laptop browser or your mobile android browser
  • Visit their official website which is
  • On the homepage of Microsoft Outlook Click on “Sign in” by the right-hand side of the Outlook homepage
  • On the next page, click on create account and you will be taken to a page whereby you will be asked to enter your profile information which is Your name, surname, email and password

Ensure you enter your correct information. All because your credentials will be needed when next you want to sing in to your Microsoft account. Meanwhile, your password is case sensitive. So in this case just make sure you remember your password the way you provided it when you were creating account.

How to Sign in to my Microsoft Outlook Account

On the Outlook website, this platform is meant for outlook users that have created an account in the past. You can’t make use of this platform if you haven’t created an account in the past. While using this platform to sign in to your Microsoft Outlook account, no need to start from the beginning as if you are just opening account, users will just continue from where they stopped the last time they last visited their account. Steps on how to sign in to your account will be listed below

  • Visit their official website which domain name is with a launched browser
  • Click on “Sign in” and you will be taken to page where you will be asked to enter your email and your password
  • Enter your email and password and click on the “Sign In” button below


No part of the website requires users to pay money, every action that would taken place on the website if free of charge. Also, Microsoft Outlook has an app from mobile android users. This has been very easy for smart phone users in the sense that no need for them to go online to sign in to their Microsoft Outlook account. Microsoft Outlook Sign In