Ps5 Cyber Monday – Top Best Deals to Expect

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No doubts, as game lovers wanting to have that Ps5 in our possession. We are awaiting for Ps5 cyber Monday to be announced. But the thing is if you are planning for that, you should know ahead of time which retailer would be willing to offer you the best chance. As you all know, Ps5 is the latest game console of Sony play station. And it is in a very high demand that Sony doesn’t really need to bring down the price of the game console. Most especially now that it is an ongoing supply issue.

Although, we expect deals to start during this black Friday event which was on November 26th. But as this sales period is more focused on electronics, it is possible that cyber Monday could extend the Ps5 deals or make them cheaper at certain retailers.  However, for people who followed up with the black Friday event and cyber Monday last year. You would agree with me that Ps5 cyber Monday was rear with the majority of discounts put up on accessories, games, and storage solutions for this latest Sony game console. 

Furthermore, it wasn’t surprising as they were released just before Black Friday and Cyber Monday took place. Besides, it also was difficult to find any consoles available in stock too. This even is somehow recurring this year too. Even as the Ps5 game console demands are high and the consoles continue to go as soon as they appear. Do you think this year’s Cyber Monday which would kick off on the 29th of November be different?

What to Expect

Ps5 has been available in stock for a full year now but it still doesn’t justify the fact that the demand made for the game console has dropped a bit. In fact, the game is still highly demanded even as stock runs out of Ps5. Therefore, knowing this, you should not expect the Ps5 console have a discount. But amazingly there are other Ps5 related items you can prepare to purchase and get a discount for. They include games and accessories.

Best Ps5 Cyber Monday Deals

There are so many Ps5 items that are certain to be in stock this coming Cyber Monday for you to shop and get them at great deals. But the chances that other Ps5 items which include the console will be in stock for this event are very slim. However, keeping that aside, here are Ps5 deals available for this cyber Monday below;

  • Ps5
  • Ps5 digital
  • Marvel avengers (orig. $39) now $14 at Amazon
  • Death loop (orig. $59) now $29 at Amazon
  • Riders republic (orig. $59) now $29 at Amazon
  • Far Cry 6 (orig. $59) now $39 at Amazon
  • PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership (orig. $59) now $39
  • PlayStation HD Camera (orig. $59) now $55 at Amazon
  • Razer Kraken (orig. $79) now $39
  • WD-Black 500GB SN850 NVMe SSD w/ Heatsink (orig. $199) now $159.

Just visit Amazon or any other retail store offering you the best ps5 deal this 2021 cyber Monday and get games accessories that seemed expensive when you wanted to make a purchase for the first time at cheaper rates. See below different stores you can visit to purchase your Ps5 games on Cyber Monday.

Where to Get the Best Ps5 Cyber Monday Deals

There are different stores willing to give out Ps5 accessories on that day. Moreover, you are even at the right place to find the Cyber Monday Ps5 deals on that day. But you might be finding it difficult to find consoles up on this year’s cyber Monday. As from the look of things, consoles will be scarce on stocks but might not be on accessories, games, and some PS5 SSDs. Here are stores where you can get the best Ps5 deals this year’s cyber Monday below;

If you reside in the US;

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • New Egg
  • CDKeys

If you reside in the UK;

  • Amazon
  • Very
  • CDKeys
  • Argos
  • Currys

You can visit any of these stores on Ps5 Cyber Monday, then shop and get your Ps5 deals shipped to you immediately.