Showmax – Get Unlimited Entertainment At Your Fingertips

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Showmax is an online streaming platform that is similar to popular streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix and it is available in every country in Africa.

Showmax - Get Unlimited Entertainment At Your Fingertips

Just like how Netflix is popular in the West, Show Max is also very popular in Africa. The streaming service constantly delivers only the best entertainment content available for streaming on its platform.

Showmax provides a huge library of both African and International content that is available for streaming in High Definition. Its mobile app has an easy interface with no annoying ads. The streaming service also offers 4 different subscription packages that are very affordable.

Furthermore, Show Max is available via the web and the free app where you can watch all the exciting TV shows that keep you on the edge of your seat. 

In addition, if you are a DStv subscriber, you can also add Show Max to your bill for non-stop entertainment. People with DStv premium subscriptions will be able to add Showmax to their subscriptions for free.

However, other DStv subscribers will get a 50% discount for their Show Max subscription.

How Does Showmax Work

Showmax is a streaming device and it isn’t difficult to access and use. It works by offering non-stop entertainment that keeps you glued to your screen. 

Show Max provides servers that allow you to watch live matches, thrilling shows, interesting movies and TV programs, and many more. To use Showmax, you have to buy a subscription plan and you will also need a device and stable internet connection.

Showmax Supported Device

Showmax is a popular streaming platform and it can be used on several devices. The platform can be accessed through the web browser at its official website or through its mobile app. Here are the devices that you can use Showmax on:

  • Apple AirPlay.
  • Google Cast.
  • Smart TV.
  • iPhones and iPads.
  • Android phones.
  • Tablets.
  • Sony PlayStation 4.
  • DStv Explora.
  • Apple Television.

The above-mentioned are some of the devices that you can watch Showmax on. So, if you have any of these, you can connect your Show Max and start streaming.

How to Sign up For Showmax

Creating an account on Showmax is very easy and straightforward. You can follow the steps below to sign up for Showmax:

  • Visit the Showmax official page.
  • Click on the Login button.
  • Click on Create an account.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Create a password.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Tap on “Create a new account.”

After providing your required personal information, your account will be created. Afterward, you can choose a subscription package and make the payment.

Showmax Subscription Package

Showmax has four available subscription packages that are tailored to fit your budget. These subscriptions have a full package that supports several devices and an affordable mobile version that is available for tablets and Smartphones.

There is also a Pro version that adds more Live content such as News and Sports. 


This subscription plan gives you access to tons of international and local series, kids’ shows, and movies to stream and download. It has a few local news channels for live news and also lots of live streaming of reality TV shows.

This Show Max subscription plan provides a High-definition quality viewing experience and supports up to 5 registered devices. It also allows you to access the platform on your Smart TV, gaming consoles, Smartphone, Mac computer, and Windows.

Although this Show Max subscription allows you to register 5 devices, you can only watch shows on 2 devices simultaneously. 


The Pro plan comes with almost every content that the Standard plan has. This subscription plan has all the TV shows, movies, and TV series as the standard plan. But it adds news, music channels, and live sports directly from SuperSport.

The Pro plan is like a premium version of the Standard subscription. The difference is that it provides Live sports which include the premier league, La Liga, professional boxing, cycling, and UEFA Champions League.

It also enables subscribers to register about 5 devices. But keep in mind that you can only stream on two devices at the same time.


The mobile plan is almost like the standard edition. However, this plan is only for mobile devices. The plan is a more affordable and limited edition streaming service for tablets and Smartphones.

This plan provides the same series, TV shows, and Kids’ shows as the standard plan. Although the standard plan makes you register up to 5 devices and stream on two devices, the Showmax mobile only lets you register and stream on a single device. Plus, it can only be on your tablet or Smartphone.

Show max Pro Mobile

Show Max Pro is quite similar to Showmax mobile and it can only be registered and streamed on a single device. This package has lots of content that is similar to Show Max Pro.

However, if you want a plan that is more affordable and fits your budget, then this is the best plan for you.

PlansPrice (N)
Pro Mobile3,200

How to Pay for Showmax Subscription

Making payment for your Showmax subscription is very easy and straightforward. You can conveniently pay online from your mobile device and start streaming your favorite TV show from Show Max. The steps below will show you how to pay for your Showmax subscription:

  • Visit Showmax’s official page.
  • Login to your account.
  • Choose Showmax.
  • Choose your payment method.
  • Enter your payment details.

Then confirm payment. With just these few steps you will be able to make payment for your subscription and start streaming.

How to Download Movies on Showmax

Downloading movies to watch on Showmax is pretty easy. You can download your favorite movies and TV shows on Showmax to watch offline. Here is how to download movies on Showmax:

  • Visit Showmax.
  • Search for the movie you want to download.
  • Tap on the title of the movie.
  • Click the download arrow.
  • Then your download will start instantly.

Afterward, you can check the download feature located at the bottom of the page to see the series and movies you are downloading.

How to Add Showmax to Your DStv Bill

Adding Show Max to your DStv subscription will guarantee a month filled with non-stop entertainment. However, the process of adding the streaming service varies depending on your DStv plan.

 For DStv premium subscribers, watching Show Max is free. Here is how to add the streaming service to your subscription:

  • Go to the “MyDStv App”.
  • Sign in to your account.
  •  On the Showmax card, tap “Add Showmax”.

To complete the process, sign in to your Show Max account to start watching your favorite TV show or movie. Meanwhile, if you are a DStv compact subscriber, you can access the platform for half an hour. Follow the steps below to add the streaming platform to your DStv:

  • Launch the MyDStv app.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • On your dashboard, find the Show Max 50% off.
  • Tap on Activate.
  • Then you will be taken to an Eazy Self-Service payment portal.
  • Tap on Once Off Payment
  • Input your bank details
  • Tap on Save and Pay
  • Tap on Activate

With a Showmax subscription added to your DStv, you will be able to binge-watch your favorite TV shows and movies wherever and whenever.

Showmax App

Showmax mobile app is a streaming video service that lets you watch TV series, documentaries, and movies on your tablet, smart TV, smartphone, and other streaming device.

This mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. You can follow the instructions below to download the app:

  • On your mobile device, go to the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the search bar and enter Showmax.
  • Click on Install or Get.

After the app is installed, launch the app and sign in with your account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for one.

How to Cancel Showmax Subscription

Canceling your Showmax subscription is very easy and straightforward. So, are you tired of using the streaming platform? Then you can cancel using the steps below;

  • Open your web browser and visit Showmax’s Official website.
  • Click on “My account”.
  • Tap on manage my “subscription”.
  • Tap on “Cancel my subscription”.

With the easy steps provided above, you will be able to cancel your Showmax subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Device Can I Watch Show Max From?

The subscription plan that you choose will determine the device you can watch Showmax on. However, if you subscribe to the standard Showmax plan, you will be able to stream from the platform on up to two devices at the same time.

This also includes tablets, Smartphones, media boxes, computers, and Smart TVs. And if you choose Showmax’s affordable options, you can only watch Showmax on one mobile device.

Can I Watch Showmax without DStv?

You don’t need to own a DStv before you can use Show Max. The streaming platform is available to all users and you can subscribe to a monthly plan to access several must-watch TV shows and movies.

Do I Need an Internet Connection to Use Showmax?

Yes, you do. Showmax is an online streaming service that definitely requires an internet connection to stream movies and TV shows.

If you are worried about data exhaustion, you can watch shows on Showmax at a lower quality. This requires just up to 100 MB for one hour of streaming.

Can I Watch Showmax Offline?

The only way you can watch shows offline on Showmax is when you download your favorite shows and movies on the app to watch them later.