Spotify is a digital music service that gives us access to millions of songs and content from different artists all over the world. This platform is available on different devices like computers, phones, cars, and even on TVs. It enables every music lover all over the continent to listen to songs from their favorite artist. A lot of people have only heard about the platform web but do not know that it has an app. This Spotify app is not only available on the Google Play store but also on the iPhone App Store. This app not only gives you the privilege to listen to music with no ads interruption but also allows you to listen to the music without a premium subscription every time you make use of it.

Although this app offer gives free services to the users to listen to their favorite songs, you need to know that when using the platform and want to have access to any songs of your choice without any limitation you need a premium subscription. The platform connects you to artists of your choice anytime. Are you worried about how to download the Spotify app or the benefits? You do not need to worry at all, because this article with bring light to anything you need to know about the Spotify account.

Is The Spotify App Legit?

The Spotify app is legal to stream and also to listen to. This platform pays the artist any time you listen to any of the music. So anytime you want to use the app, do not worry at all because it is legal in any country you are in. Spotify app is legal to use all over the world.

Is The Spotify App Free?

Yes, the app is free to use. However, you need to know that to make use of the app without limit you need to be a premium user. But if you just want the music offer to be limited, the app is free.


With best things come benefits and Spotify is not an exception. Do you want to find out the features of the app? The below are

  • Shuffle play
  • Listen to songs offline
  • Available library of songs
  • Search
  • Share from spotify
  • Listening to history.

The above are the best features of the app you would not like to miss. Download the app today and enjoy the features of the app that are not even found out by anyone yet.

How To Download The Spotify App?

To download the app is so easy and also straightforward. You need to know that before you can download the app your connection must be stable. However, if you are having problems downloading the app, below is how you can do that

  • Visit your play or app store
  • Search for ‘spotify’
  • Download the app
  • Now, install.

Note; the process must be done with stable and on WI-FI or data connection. Also, note that without charges the app will not work even after you get to download it. The app demands charges whenever you want to make use of it

How Can I Sign Up On The Spotify App?

For you to have the benefit of enjoying this app, you need to sign up for an account and also log in any other time. However, you need not worry about the creation of the accounting process because below is how you can sign up and also log in to the Spotify app.

  • Go to the login page
  • Click on the use spotify for free or you can go to the subscription page if you want unlimited usage
  • Enter your email
  • Confirm you’re the email again
  • Create a password
  • Enter your username
  •  Put down your date of birth
  • Gender( female or male)
  • Click on am not a robot
  • Now click on sign up

How To Login On Spotify App

  • Go to the login page
  • Click on already have an account
  • Enter your email or user id in the new page
  • Enter your pass word
  • Click on sign in or login

With the above procedure, you can log in and sign up for an account any time you want. Visit your app mobile play store or app store and download the app, sign up for the account and enjoy the unlimited songs on Spotify by your favorite artist.