Temporary Car Insurance Companies

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Temporary car insurance companies – Not all cars stick with you for a very long period. Sometimes, a car is for a short period and you might not need a long-term insurance policy. And this is where the temporary car insurance comes in.  Temporary car insurance is short-term car insurance that helps to protect you from damage and liability for a short period.

There are times when you may only need car insurance for a day or a week, and this is where temporary car insurance comes in handy. Normally, temporary car insurance is good for up to a month. After that, you can now extend it or just purchase the regular policy.

Temporary Car Insurance Companies

It is very good to be protected during a short period than risking not having insurance at all. However, before signing up for the insurance, there are a few things you should know. First, not all temporary car insurance companies are the same. Secondly, the insurance company you choose will impact what coverage you can buy and the price.

However, finding the best Temporary car insurance companies can be difficult and tiring. And you might not know the right one to go for. After considering all this, we have decided to provide you with the companies that offer the Best Temporary car insurance. In this article are 5 Best Temporary Car insurance companies in 2022.

5 Best Temporary Car Insurance Companies

Just as mentioned above, this article contains the best Temporary car insurance companies in 2022. And in this section, I will introduce them to you. Check them out below;


Nationwide ranks number one on our list of Best Temporary Car insurance companies. And the reason is that the company offers the best temp cover insurance with no cancellation fees. In other words, this insurance company does not charge cancellation fees when you cancel your purchase coverage. It has an online estimator tool on its website that can be set up in just a few minutes. Also, the company offers classic car coverage with flexible coverage and lower rates.

 In addition, Nationwide claims that its classic insurance is up to $43 cheaper than the normal auto policy. And you can take advantage of the Vanishing deductible, which reduces your deductible through the safe SmartRide program. With this company, it is very easy to bundle your insurance policies because it offers many options for coverage.


Geico is the best temporary car insurance for multiple car coverage. Because it saves up to 25 percent on multi-car discounts which is the highest saving among big car companies. It is also very popular in the United States for providing multiple insurances in all 50 states. Geico temporary car insurance is affordable and offers extra discounts to customers.

The temporary car insurance provider holds an average score for claims satisfaction. But it shines brightly with strong and amazing financial ratings.  With Geico, the more policies you have, the more you save. Because it gives extra discounts when you insure multiple vehicles and hold more policies.  You can insure your car at the company for a short period.


USAA offers amazing car insurance benefits and perks. You can insure your car temporarily and enjoy tons of opportunities for extra discounts. It has a lot to offer to you even if it is just for a little period. And over the past few years, it has made a good name for itself with excellent customer service and comprehensive coverage.

To purchase temporary car insurance for a short period, you must be on active duty, a military student, a cadet, Reserve, or a midshipman. Spouses, Veterans, and children are also permitted to be a member. With the insurance company; you will enjoy lots of benefits and extra discounts. The only drawback is that you have to be military to enjoy the benefits from this company.


With the progressive photo estimate tool, you can file easy claims for temporary car insurance. You can easily take a snapshot of the damage with your phone and sent it to a claims specialist. The company also offers 99% of its policyholders. Progressive temporary car insurance will help you protect your car from damage. You can choose progressive for your claims due to its claim process that can be completed on your phone in a few minutes.

To get an online quote for the insurance, just visit the website or call customer service in a few minutes. However, you need to know that the company does not offer estimates so your credit may be pulled for a quote.


This insurance company is the best for collector cars. Because it provides values on your collector car and flexible coverage. Solely, it focuses on collector or classic collector cars so they know everything in the industry. Hagerty has a lot of experience in temporary car insurance because it is owned by car collectors.  It is a good choice for temporary car insurance if you have a classic or collector car you want to insure.

In addition, it also offers watercraft insurance, international insurance, and motorcycle insurance in some regions. File a claim over the phone with an agent, call, or through the website.