Tesla Model 3 – How to Purchase Tesla Model 3

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Waiting for the upcoming Tesla Model 3? While waiting, here are some things you should know about it. 2022 Model 3 is then said to be the smallest and also the most affordable Tesla car from California-based all-electric automaker. After several updates for this year 2021, which included an upgraded interior, and so many other standard features. No significant changes in the car are expected for the upcoming year 2022. Well, that’s not something bad as it is one of Edmunds’ Favorites because of its great range, strong performance, and comfortable and spacious interior.

Tesla Model 3 would give you an impressive driving experience you can ever request compared to other non-luxury electric vehicles. How? With its minimalistic interior designs which feel chic and also modern and upscale. It is enough to say the model is one of the best in its class. However, its rare wheel drive layout and powerful electric motor also provide natural athleticism and are quicker than any other vehicle in its price range. Once you want to purchase a car of that price, Tesla Model 3 is the best one for you as it is unbeatable for the price.

More About 2022 Tesla Model 3

If you want to get the 2022 Tesla Model 3 car, you can book one, by just visiting the Tesla.com website as it is open for you to place your order. Besides, the car isn’t as expensive as other higher Tesla products but it has excellent range, performance, and handling, comfortable seating, and also enables you to access Tesla’s prolific Supercharger fast-charging stations. Also, the entry-level 2022 Model 3 is surprisingly impressive and it also has improved inbuilt quality over the early production long-range model cars. However, its total cost depends on the number of features you want to unlock. Both the full autopilot features and future potential features. But all I can say is that it has already been planned and would be available for you to purchase by 2022 is a very good car to purchase.

How Does It Cost

From researches made, it is said that the 2022 Tesla model 3 car is expected to start at about $39,000 for the standard range plus. While the long-range should start at the price of about $50,000 and the performance model at $57,000. Do not be surprised to see the different versions as it wasn’t mentioned earlier. But they are all available for you to go and place your order for it to be shipped to you as soon as it is made available in the year 2022. 

How Do I Purchase the 2022 Tesla Model 3?

This isn’t something that should be difficult to do. But if you are finding it difficult probably because it is your first time visiting a car website. Follow the steps below which you can follow to purchase the tesla model 3 car. Keep in mind that each version is of a different cost. Also, on the design page where you would be required to give your car a design of your choice. You should choose the design of your choice and ensure it is the one you chose before placing your order. With that noted, here are steps on how to buy 2022 model 3 below;

  • Visit the Tesla official website
  • Click on the model 3 button
  • On the model 3 page, locate and click on the order now button
  • On the redirected page, design your model 3
  • Done with designing, scroll down to click on the continue to payment button
  • Choose your method of payment
  • Enter your required details and click on the place your order button.

If you were redirected back to the homepage due to one thing or the other. You should return to the homepage. Then re-follow the above-listed steps to place your order for the 2022 Tesla model 3.