TikTok Record – How to Screen Record On TikTok

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Within a short period of time, tiktok has become the most popular app people seek attention all around the world. The video creating and sharing app has attracted more than one billion downloads on smartphones and even PCs. When you watch an interesting video on tiktok and want to download it, there may be some problems such as permission issues, poor internet connection, and so on. Then you have to may have resort to a tiktok record to capture what you want. This article will show you some excellent tiktok recorders and so much more. If you are new to this app, we got you covered.

Like snap chat, tiktok record has a display of AR effects that can be used in videos, which do things like changing the color of your eyes and hair. The best way you can get started with the tiktok is to follow accounts of brands, businesses, and influences in a similar place. As we all know that tiktok is well known for video sharing and is the most used social media these days. In tiktok, you can make and share 15 second long videos, lip-sync, or even short comedy videos. You can use a tiktok screen recorder to record those videos that you wish to save.

How To TikTok Record On iOS

Have you ever thought of how you can access a tiktok record using an iPhone or iPad screen record? Well, thanks to the IOS built-in screen recorder feature, you can record and capture tiktok videos on iPhone or iPad. Besides recording the videos you can record all the activities on your IOS. The recorded screen video will be automatically be saved on your camera album. Here are the ways you can record on tiktok.

  • Go to the control center in your IOS device and check for screen recording, then tap on the plus icon
  • From the interface swipe up or down, then select the screen recording, you can turn on the microphone if you want
  • Go to tiktok, then select the video 
  • Once done tap on stop to stop the recording
  • Go to your camera album to play the tiktok video you recorded

On Android

How about accessing TikTok Record on your android device. Did you try on how to record your screen on tiktok? If not, then you can try to record using the AZ screen recorder. Besides recording, you can also use this app to screen capture, video editing and more. Read more on how you tiktok screen tiktok on your android.

  • Get the app which means downloading the app and launching
  • From the main floating toolbar of the app, click on the recording to start the recording
  • Open the tiktok on your phone and select a tiktok video that you want to record
  • After that, tap the stop icon to stop the recording
  • The video you recorded will automatically be saved to your gallery.

You can also access TikTok Record on tablet and iPad or even on your window. You can also choose the audio sources; it is possible to record the sound or record microphone audio. That means you can get the original video by adding your own voice through the microphone