Viber Account – The Free Voice and Video call App.
Viber is an Application that enable user to make Voice call, Video call and also for send short messages using a Mobile Device or PC. It is just like WhatsApp where your mobile number is your user ID.  You can invite friends directly from your phone contact list. You can connect to friends that already have Viber on their device. Viber is free and easy to use. It doesn’t cost anything to download the application. unlike WhatsApp where users can pay an optional fee of 0.99 cent. On Viber Account everything is free starting from voice call, Video Call and including Messages. If you are using an android Device you can download the app from Google play store. It is also available on other Mobile platform. Such as Blackberry iPhone and Windows Phone. it is also available on PC.

Viber Account - Features & Benefit Of Viber Account Login | Viber Apk

Do you have an android phone or any good mobile device that browse.  Great Then this is a good time to share this wonderful app with you. Viber is gradually gaining grounds. This is an app where you get almost everything free. Free message, free text, Free calls, Free voice and video calls and Free location sharing with viber users. User can enjoy lots more from this app when they download the app right to their mobile device. Viber is another free messaging app just like WhatsApp, imo, and lot more. This is a fast and easy to use app when communicating with other users. Viber messenger uses any device, network, data plan, and even WIFI connection to exchange data. With this you can connect with other viber users anywhere in the world. This app allows you to send messages, share photos and videos, add stickers and make voice calls or video chat.

Features and Functions of Viber App

this is an app that has been very helpful to a user who want to make vide and vice call for no cost. I would have said viber of free services but user needs internet data in other for the app to exchange data. Which means you can now use your mobile data or internet data to make voice called, voice call, or even send messages. Below are some top functions of this app.

  • free text messages
  • video chats
  • Cross platform support
  • Trusted contact
  • Hidden chats.
  • secured contact and messages

I we be talking on some important features of viber app. This are just some basic and important sections and functionality of this app.

Free Text Messages

This is one of the main qualities and function of viber messenger. Whereby you can chat with millions of users that make use of this app all over the world. You can send instant messages across this app at no cost by you have to make use of internet data connection.

Make Free Audio Calls & Video Chats.

This is a very important functionally of this app. Most users have been looking out for apps that can make free call. Viber has made it possible that when user has an internet data active on his device. He can make free audio and video chat to other user who has the app on his device.

Express More With Funny Stickers.

Since stickers are used to express feelings and emotions just like facebook emoticons. You can make use of stickers on viber app to make your chat more interesting. This a a way of expressing your true feelings and action at the moment.

Group Chats

You can chat with more than one user on this app either by creating a group or joining. This is more like a conference chat where by multiple user can talk to one another. In one chat page called group. This feature is mostly used by corporations, class mates, close friends, family members and lots more.

Public Chat

this app has given all users the opportunity to take a peek through celebrities conversation other groups. In public chat it has two sections which are worldwide and your country. Example of worldwide public chat are viber present, curvy magazine, The infatuation and the models etc.

Viber Games

Viber has made it possible that users can now access mobile games on this platform. You see different categories of games like viber defenders, viber emperors, viber fruit adventures etc.  you can click on get if you want to install and play the game on your device. With all these functions you can now accept the fact that this app is gaining more ground than any other mobile messaging app.

How to Install Viber on Your Android

Before installing the app on your phone, you have to have a Google play account if your device runs on android OS. if you dont have an account then you have to create an account. After creating an account, go to your google play store and enter viber in the search box. Click on it to start downloading the app on your device. After successful download the app we install automatically.

How to Make Video Calls and Other Interesting Things on Viber

Making video calls or chat is so simple. Now you’re on line, click on any of your friend that is on line. On your chat box you will see, stickers more like a cross sign, audio recover and type to computer. by your right side you will be shown a cross sign and stickers.

Click on it and you will be shown a gallery where you can take photos from your phone. Take photos directly from the app, send Files, take video, send location, share contact, send a wink, hold and talk and send doodle. With all this you can pick from any section to send to your friend.

How to Make Calls Using Viber

Click on the friend you want to talk to on the app. Then you  will be shown a settings diagram, outgoing calls diagram, viber out call, video calls and edit message. Tap on the outgoing call diagram and it will automatically start calling your friend. Note that you must have a data plan to do this. Enjoy all the exciting stuff on viber messenger.

One thing I like about this app is that there is no need for registration. Just get started quickly no need for you to add your date of birth, password, fullnames and so on. All this app needs is your phone number and your country. You can later add your photos If you want. So there is no excuse like, i forgot my password because this app is password free.

How to Sign Up on Viber.

If you are new to Viber. this is a very helpful tip on how to create an account. To Sign Up visit All you need is a mobile device that is internet enable you are good to go.

  1. Download the application on your mobile phone. You can visit or Google Play store and select your mobile platform before downloading.
  2. Lunch the application, select your country, enter your mobile number and click on continue icon.
  3. The next page is the verification page, a short code we be sent to your mobile phone. Enter the code to verify. your mobile number and that you are not a robot. You can also use call option to get the verification code.
  4. Enter your name, you can upload a picture to your profile for easy recognition. Click on continue and you can also make use of your facebook details to setup your profile.

Note: to login to your account you have to repeat the sign up process over again. There is no special login page like other social media apps, after creating your account the very first page you see is a list of contact on your phone book that have already sign up. You can start a conversation with them. You don’t need to spend money on calls or sms any more you can start texting and also call  them for free.