WhatsApp Group – How to Create a WhatsApp Group

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Whatsapp is a messaging application for Mobile Devices, with the ability to send and receive short messages as well as media files. Such as Pictures, Music, Videos, and other electronic files. Chatting with this application gives you the ability to connect with friends and family. You can add contacts to your WhatsApp chat list directly from your address book, You can also add them to a group conversation.

Creating a Group is like bring different people together. For instance, I created a group for all my high school friends only, I added all my high school friends to this group. Here I can chat with everyone at the same time and anyone on this group can also chat and read chat messages post by any member.

If you are in a WhatsApp group you can share ideas with other users and invite anyone from your contact to join the group for free. Creating a group is like creating a platform for discussion. It can be based on technology, Social, or anything. All you need is to bring people of the same interest together and keep the conversation going.

Creating a Whatsapp Group

  1. Lunch the Whatsapp application on your mobile phone.
  2. Click on Option icon or Button.
  3. Click on new group.
  4. Type in a subject and a select a group icon.
  5. Add Users that you want to participate by clicking on the plus icon and select from your contact list.
  6. Click on the create icon at the top right corner to create the group.

After creating a group you can still add new members. Other members can also add members and they can share Photos, Videos, Audio, and other media files. Members can also live WhatsApp group if they don’t like the topic or the conversations. You can block a member from your group if he or she is violating the rules.

How to Send Broadcast Message on Whatsapp

If you are familiar with Whatsapp messenger and you have been sending one particular message to one person at a time and it takes 4 to 5 hours of your time to send the message to all your contact. Here is the good news on how you can send one particular message to multiple contacts at the same time.

Sending one particular message to multiple users in Whatsapp is called broadcast. To send a broadcast you don’t need additional software or trick. It’s free to all users. It is a fast way of advertising and reaching out to all your contact and people on your chat list.

To Send a Broadcast Here is All You Need to Have

  • A Mobile Device.
  • Whatsapp application.
  • Internet Subscription.

Whatsapp application runs only on Mobile devices such as Android, IOS, Windows OS, and Blackberry OS. But there are other alternatives that enable you to run Whatsapp on PC. This is a free messaging app that can be downloaded for free ether on any Android Phone, Windows Phone, iPhone, or blackberry. All you need to do is visit the link www.whatsapp.com and it automatically gives you a download link for your platform. This application also needs an internet connection to be able to exchange data.

How to Create And Send Broadcast Message

  1. Run the Whatsapp software installed on your mobile device.
  2. Click on Option icon and select New Broadcast Message.
  3. Click on the Plus symbol to add contact from your address book.
  4. After selecting your contact click on create to create the message you want send.
  5. Type the message you want to send and you can also add pictures and other media files to the message and click on send.

Note: Only people with your contact in their address book will receive the broadcast message. You can select up to 256 contacts from your phone book.