Where To Rent Wedding Gowns in Lagos

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Is it your wedding? Are you bothered about the cost of a wedding gown? Do you know you can rent one? Yes, you can and here we will be giving you good ideas on where you can rent wedding gowns in Lagos.

Where To Rent Wedding Gowns in Lagos

Wedding dresses are very expensive and they are only worn for just a day.  As a bride, you might be having second thoughts about buying a wedding dress because it adds a lot to the wedding cost. This might bring you to the conclusion of renting a dress. This is the perfect alternative to buying a dress.

Renting a wedding dress is a lot cheaper than buying one and there are several; amazing wedding dress rentals in Lagos that will provide exactly what you need.  These wedding dress rentals also have lots of pretty wedding dresses with amazing designs that will look good on you.

Furthermore, they also offer assistance to help you search for the wedding dress that will suit you. And also rent out bouquets and veils. Now, where are the trusted places for you to rent a wedding dress? To find out about this, you can spare a few minutes to read through this entire blog post.

Best Places To Rent Wedding Gowns in Lagos

There are several wedding dress rentals in Lagos that will offer the type of wedding dress that will suit you and even for an affordable price. They also have a wide variety of wedding dresses to choose from.

Hadassah Bridals

Hadassah Bridals provides wedding gown rentals in Lagos with a starting price of N70,000. They also dry clean the wedding gowns before and after use. All the bride needs to do is to pick up the wedding gown and use it and then return it. 

Hadassah Bridals makes sure that the wedding gowns they rent are high quality and cannot be seen as rented. They also rent out the veil, wedding gown, and bouquet for the bride.  The price starts from N70,000 to N180,000.

Yes I Do Bridal

If you need to rent the wedding gown of your dreams, then you can definitely count on Yes I Do Bridal to deliver the best wedding gown on a budget. They rent out wedding gowns from traditional to modern styles of wedding gowns.

On their official website, you can check all the types of gowns available for rental. Yes, I Do Bridal also has positive reviews from their clients.


If you live in Lagos and you need to rent a wedding dress, you can definitely check out LIZ AUDREY. They offer some of the best wedding dresses for rentals and they also have a huge collection of wedding dresses available for you.

LIZ AUDREY also offers services that can help you find the wedding dress that suits you. Their staff also pays close attention to detail and they go the extra mile to meet the needs of every bride.

Brides N More

Brides N More is the one-stop shop for all your bridal wear. They have everything available for rental and they also help the customers find the bridal wear that is suited for them and for an affordable price. All the bride needs to do is pick up the wedding gown.

Floremz Wedding Gown

At Floremz Wedding Gown rental store, they provide wedding gown rental in Lagos with a starting price of N25,000. They also dry clean the gown before and after use.

Floremz Wedding Gown also makes sure that the wedding gowns they rent are in good condition and they also rent veils for the bride.

Brides on a Budget

With as low as N50,000, you can rent the wedding dress of your dreams with Brides on a Budget. As the name implies, you can get some of the most beautiful wedding dresses on a budget. 

There are also several options to choose from several options. When you make payment early, you will be able to get free accessories along with your dress.

These are only some of the best places that you can rent wedding dresses in Lagos. They will dry clean the wedding dresses before and after use. All the bride needs to do is visit the store, make their choices, take the dress, use it, and return it later.