How To Rent a House in Lagos

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Are you new to Lagos? Then you must be wondering about how to rent a house in Lagos. Renting a house in Lagos can be quite a challenging endeavor.

How To Rent a House in Lagos

As this bustling city is teeming with people. Making it a demanding task to find an apartment that truly suits your needs. The pace of life in Lagos is rapid, necessitating an adjustment to the vibrant Lagosian way of life.

Additionally, it’s crucial to exercise vigilance to avoid falling victim to swindlers, as they can easily identify newcomers. Searching for a house in Lagos can be a stressful experience. Leading you to hasty decisions that you might later regret.

If you’re in the market for a rental property in Lagos, this informative guide may be just what you need. So, I implore you to read through this guide. So as to get the best while searching for a house to rent in Lagos State.

How To Rent a House in Lagos

If you have made up your mind to rent a house in Lagos, there are some steps that you should follow and they include;

Know Your Budget Carefully

When you are searching for a home, it is very important to know your budget. The price of house rent in Lagos can vary depending on your location and also what amenities you want to be added to your rental package.

It is also important to get good advice from someone who knows the local real estate.

Know the Total Cost

It can be a difficult task to imagine how much it is going to cost for you to live in a new city. One of the biggest expenses is the rent and you can try to know the average rental prices in the area before you rent there.

You can also use the information that you have gathered to have an estimate of what you will need. Make sure that you consider your budget and also know how much rent you can afford every month.

You can also consider the period that you plan on staying in the new city. If it is for a temporary stay for like up to a month, then it isn’t a wise decision to sign a long-term lease.

Evaluate Security

There are multiple safety issues that you might want to take into consideration before you begin your search.  As you start house hunting in Lagos, you can check to see if they also have security fences and locks on the doors.

Make sure that you check if the doors and windows are secure. After finding the place that you are interested in. Make sure that you ask if they offer leases and if they do, read them carefully before signing.

Inspect Your Neighborhood

Before starting your house hunting, it is very important to get to know what neighborhood might be fitted for you. If you have kids, you can check if there are schools nearby. It is very important for you to check if the neighborhood is closer to work.

Consider Fees and Commission

Not every agent works on commission. This can be a very good thing because they are often less likely to give you a home that does not meet your needs.

This can also be a bad thing because the agent might take longer. Before they find something, and it will also cost more in fees. Either way, it is important to know what a full-service agent will charge and what the fees break down into.

Availability of Social Amenities

One of the major factors that can lead you to rent or even buy a property is whether it has amenities or not. If it has a pool, gym, or even a clubhouse on-site then you are much more likely to rent or even buy a home near those features.

If the house has all these features, the amount it costs will make a difference in knowing where you want to live. You might even be able to find places that also provide free amenities such as the gym.

Meet The Landlord

Make sure that you meet with the potential landlord and this is an ideal way to get a feel for your home and also know if it is somewhere that you would like to live.  It can also help you make a decision about if the landlord is someone you want to rent from. 

Get Your Documents and Receipt

Before you move into your new home, make sure that you gather all the important documents and also the proof of ownership. Ensure that you have copies of signed leases, proof of purchase, title deeds, and more. It is also good to keep them as a reference in case you want to make any repairs around your house.

With all the steps listed above, you will not make the mistake of getting the right apartment in Lagos.

When Can The Landlord Increate the House Rent in Lagos?

The tenancy law in Lagos prohibits the landlord from asking for rent for more than a year. The tenant cannot offer to pay more than a year’s rent.