Amazon Employee Discount – Amazon Extras for Amazon Employees

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Heard you heard that Amazon does give a discount to their employees of 10% and can also save big with the extras will be offering it working.  If you are an Amazon employee you can take advantage of this employee benefit. But this benefit has a cap which means you get a 10% discount on things you buy. The Amazon employee discount is not really a huge discount but is still the 10% discount is still better than nothing. The employees also get 26% off their wireless every month for their data plan. Nevertheless, they also get an activation fee with waived upgrade fees.

Amazon does not only offer them discounts. But also allow them to mingle with great people and also deliver a smile to their customers every day. The employee discount is for both eligible family members. However, it will also include the domestic partners and their children and also regular and full-time US employees. However, the employee’s benefits can be different based on the location. Not only that but also the length of employment, job status, and the number of regularly scheduled hours you work. The benefits of the employees also include health care coverage, save for the future, and other resources.

What Perks Do Amazon Employees Get?

Amazon employees are given the opportunity to own Amazon stock which is the addition to the fair pay. They can also partake in 401{k}. Also, the company match of 50% with the enrollment in accident insurance and a paid life. The addition of a short term and long term disability also with financial counseling and estate planning services are all available.

Does Amazon Give Christmas Bonuses?

Yes, Amazon gives its employees bonuses every month during the December period. Meanwhile, $300 bonuses are given to the full-time employees in Amazon. Then $150 is given to the part-time employees as their holiday bonuses.

Do Amazon Workers Get Free Prime?

Not at all Amazon does not give its workers free prime. In other words, Amazon does not give a free prime subscription to the worker and neither a discount when they purchase it.

How To Use Your Amazon Discount Code

When you get the Amazon 10% discount on products up to $1,000. The following are the ways you can use your Amazon discount code.

  • Select the product you want to purchase
  • You have to remember that the products have to be shipped and sold in Amazon
  • Apply the code with the Amazon code check mark
  • Add the product to your cart
  • Click proceed to check out
  • Under the payment method click on the add to gift card, promotion code or voucher
  • Go back to your Amazon a-z app and copy the code
  • Place your order

Note: when you apply the code once it will be added to any eligible product immediately. Also, know that product is not shipped and sold in Amazon, the code will not be able to work for it.