Global Talent Visa – Apply For the Global Talent Visa

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Do you want to apply for a visa for the United Kingdom (UK) and you don’t know of the flexible option to apply for? Then in this article, I will be listing out one of the UK’s flexible Visa applications you can easily apply for. The Global Talent Visa is designed for UK’s immigration applicants that are talented, professionals in the sciences, digital technology, humanities, and culture that want to work in the UK. The scheme was used to replace Tier 1 which was known as Exceptional Talent Visa in February 2020.

Furthermore, requirements for the Global Talent Visa aren’t as difficult as other Visa programs. However, applicants must seek to get an endorsement from one of the six endorsing bodies in the UK home office in order to be eligible for the Visa which is;

  • British Academy (sciences)
  • Royal Academy of Engineering (engineering)
  • UK Research and Innovation UkRI) (medicine)
  • Royal Society (social sciences)
  • Arts Council England ( arts and culture)
  • Tech Nations. (digital technology)

 Most importantly, you don’t need to seek a job before you become qualified for applying for a Global Talent Visa. Unlike other work visa’s you can choose to take up a paid job option, self-employment option, or become the director of a company.

Who is Eligible for a Global Talent Visa?

The Global Talent Visa is open to talented and promising individuals. It is open to people who are leaders and experts in their respective fields. Also, it is also open to applicants who are aspiring to become leaders and experts in their field. The opportunity is opened to professionals in;

  • Sciences.
  • Researchers.
  • Digital technology
  • Arts and culture
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Architectures
  • Fashion designers.

But foremost, applicants must seek endorsement from one of the six home office endorsing bodies before applying for a Visa. However, applicants who have been awarded a prize, as listed in Appendix Global Talent do not need to get an endorsement before applying since they have already gotten a prestigious prize showing their exceptional talents.

How to Apply For a Global Talent Visa

Once you have been successfully endorsed, you will receive an endorsement mail from the Home office. After you receive the mail, you will be given three months to submit your visa application. You can apply for your visa outside UK or Within UK. But if you are residing outside the UK then you need to apply for entry clearance at the nearest visa appointment in your country. However, if you are already in the UK, you can apply online to change to the Global Talent Visa that is only if you have a lawful status under any of the following visa categories:

  • Start Up
  • Innovator
  • Tier 1, 2, 5, 4

Secondly, you must have met up with your endorsement requirements that are you must have completed the endorsement application form, pay the endorsement fee, and secured the endorsement from the correct body in line with your profession.

Then, you need your visa application form, submit all required documents (passport or travel documents), an endorsement letter, and the necessary fees.

Finally, you must have a 70 point score from either of the application type:

  • Endorsement body
  • Appendix Global Talent

How Much Does it Cost

The Global Talent Visa application fee cost £608. The fee is divided into two which are £456 for the endorsement fee and £152 when you apply for your visa, although, if you apply using an award you will have to pay £608 in full when you are applying for your visa. For countries like Austria, Belgium, Italy, Poland, France, Norway, and others you will be given a £55 discount. Also, applicants will need to pay Immigration Health Surcharge per year £624 for adults and £470 for children.

How Long Does It Take To Process Your Global Talent Visa?

Well, the endorsement stage takes a month, while the visa processing time varies and depends totally on the visa application office you are applying from.

In conclusion, the Global Talent Visa is a sure route for exceptional talents that wants to work in the UK. You can speak to an Immigration lawyer to assist you in your application.