Best Delivery Companies In Nigeria

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What are the Best Delivery Companies In Nigeria? With over a million businesses actively running both online and offline in Nigeria, business transactions are going on every minute.

Best Delivery Companies In Nigeria

Also, with every transaction or deal that is concluded, the products that are purchased are all going to be delivered to the customers. This is where the delivery companies come in.

With the increased buying and selling transactions, getting the purchased products across to the customers is now more efficient and important.

Also, this is where the delivery companies are constantly thriving as they are on the rise as well.

However, despite this being the case, the process of finding a reliable delivery company isn’t exactly easy and can lead to fraudulent cases in other cases. 

Furthermore, there are indeed reliable delivery companies that have the best quality services they can offer to their hiring customers.

Aside from popular delivery companies that are well known such as FedEx, UPS, and more, there are some best delivery companies in Nigeria that you can easily use in 2023.

The Best Delivery Companies In Nigeria

Here is a list of the best delivery companies in Nigeria that can deliver not only your products but also the best services as well:


Sendbox is a reputable local and international delivery company that you can hire for both your personal and business uses.

Of course, they operate your delivery purpose in line with a charged delivery fee, based on the product’s weight and route of the package.

In addition to this, this company also has a business platform that allows its users to create an online store for free where you can conduct your buying and selling.

In addition, you will be charged about 2.5% of the total value of the product when you make a sale.

There are also good features like marketing services and many more. You can begin by visiting their official website at Then get the best services and a good customer experience.

Best Delivery Companies – Wemove

Wemove is another great delivery company that helps you transport both people and goods with their vehicles.

This company, recognized also as a haulage company, offers buses, cars, and trucks to people who are in good need of them.

Furthermore, you can visit and get started on their official website at or visit any of their nearest physical locations at the address available on their official website.

Red Star Express

Another logistics company on the list is Red Star Express PLC. This logistics company offers great services like Domestic and International express delivery.

Their delivery services include Information and Document Management Solutions, Integrated Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Packaging Services, and many more.

You can get started by visiting their official website at

Best Delivery Companies – Topship

The Topship is another great delivery company that also offers Inter-state delivery services within Nigeria.

They offer great delivery services within Ibadan, Lagos and Abuja. Also, they offer international shipping as well to over 200 cities worldwide and this allows people to easily export.

Also, you can get started on their official website at and you can contact them on their official Gmail address. Or visit any of their physical office branches closer to you.

AB Logistics

AB Logistics is one of the biggest and best delivery companies in Nigeria which is also the cheapest. They are well tasked with delivering packages at cheap rates from one doorstep to another.

You can easily use this AB logistics to easily send documents, invitations, parcels,s and many more. Also, you can easily get started with this company by visiting their official website at

Best Delivery Companies – GIG Logistics

The GIG logistics is another perfect example of the best delivery company in 2023 and it is also a popular one.

This is a well-known and reputable company that deals with delivery and courier services.

As mentioned, the GIG is one of the popular companies out there and they have a solid presence in Nigeria.

You can visit their official website to get started at They also have their official location in Lagos State which you can visit. Plus, they also offer payment for delivery services.

Kxpress Logistics

The Kxpress Logistics Company is another reputable delivery company that also works with the best technology.

In bigger words, they have state-of-the-art technology that puts them on a higher pedestal as a delivery company in Nigeria.

They also offer payment on delivery services and Reverse logistics and returns.

You can easily get started with them at their official website at Also, they are an extension of the Konga logistics team.

Best Delivery Companies – Tranex Delivery Company

This is actually one of the oldest delivery companies in Nigeria, since the year 1984. The Tranex delivery company is also one of only two Logistics Company that is on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

In addition, they offer an easy delivery service to their clients and have fleets of buses, trucks, vans, and motorcycles.

They are located in Lagos State and you can get started with them on the website at

In conclusion; the above-listed and explained delivery companies are some of the most reputable delivery companies in Nigeria that you can use to deliver items and also get your items delivered.

So, you can visit any one of your choices and enjoy the best services they have to offer.