Owning a business online, accepting online money transactions has become one of the huge ways of making money. One of the big ways of running your business is accepting payment online without being scared. This article is set to enlighten you on one of the largest online money transaction service companies. Have you heard of PayPal or you must have heard but you don’t know of the important role to create PayPal business account can perform in the growth of your business?

PayPal is the largest online money transaction service company. PayPal allows you to sign up for a personal account or business account. Signing up for a PayPal business account for your company sets you up for bigger opportunities and allows you to take advantage of the many beneficial features available in the PayPal business account. The most interesting fact is, there is no payment to make when setting up a PayPal business account. Although there are fees to pay to access some of the advance business account features


There are so many advantages attached to having a PayPal business account.  These benefits are open to only business account holders. So if you don’t have a personal account you are allowed to upgrade to a business account so you can enjoy the benefits attached to it. Meanwhile, the benefits which you will come across while you create a PayPal business account are:

  • Accept multiple payment methods such as credit cards and mobile phone payment application.
  • Your customer get to check out without paypal account
  • Allows you operate under your business name
  • You get to perform international transaction
  • Allows you create joint account with your employees
  • Offer financing options to your customers.

Interestingly, you get to enjoy all of these benefits when you create a PayPal business account. It is also very easy to set up with no fee charge and it is open for small and big businesses.

Create Paypal Business Account

As aforementioned before setting up a PayPal business account is free but there are procedures you have to follow. Also, know that there are some vital documents you will need to possess to be eligible.

  • Visit the PayPal website on paypal.com/bizsignup/
  • Select sign up for free
  • Enter your business active email address
  • Enter a new password
  • You will be provided with an online form to fill about your business like
  • Your first and last name
  • fill out Your business name.
  • Your business phone number.
  • Your business address.
  • Enter your Employee identification number.
  • PayPal will send a mail to the email you provided to verify your identity.
  • Select confirm and proceed with your business account.
  • Provide your payment cards and other financial details

In conclusion, PayPal allows your customers to pay directly into your business account. you are allowed to withdraw your money anytime and allow international payments with 24hours world-class fraud and seller protection.