Stadia Free – How to Add Stadia to Chrome

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Are you a game lover or do you wish to play blockbuster games for free without purchasing a console? Then this article will interest you. I will be taking you through one of the best gamer alternatives to PlayStation or game consoles. Everything you need to know about Google Stadia free will be listed for you to be enlightened. Google Stadia free also known as Stadia Base is a freemium cloud gaming service developed by Google.

This gaming service gives gamers access to play a few games for free with no monthly payments or monthly installments. It is called gamers alternative to PlayStation because it is compatible and can be played on your mobile device, Television (Google TV and Android TV), and your computers via the google chrome browser. You are allowed to play games for free after you purchase them. Also, know that if you are a YouTube Premium subscriber then you are lucky because offers YouTube Premium Subscribers Three months of access to Stadia Pro for free to play any game title from the list of games available on Stadia pro.

How To Get Stadia Free Via Chrome

There is a list of completely free Stadia games on its game titles for gamers without subscribing or making any payment at all. As of May 2021, here is the list:

  • Crayta
  • Destiny 2
  • Super Bomber man R

These games are completely free when you sign in with your Google account on the Stadia official website. You can also play the free online game with your friends. However, there are other games on the free Stadia that you can purchase without subscribing first, and purchasing a game on Stadia base allows you to play the game for free anytime you wish to play. To access Stadia free you will need to sign up for a Stadia account and to create an account you need a Google account

To Sign Up Do This

  • Visit on your chrome browser
  • Click try now
  • Enter your Gmail
  • Confirm your Google account
  • Click on confirm
  • You have to choose an avatar
  • Enter a Stadia name you want
  • Choose how your privacy settings should be
  • And click on continue.

You have successfully created your Stadia account; you can go ahead to sign in again if not it will not work. To sign in, do these.

To Sign In

  • Visit
  • Enter your Google account.
  • You can now choose the free games you will like to play.

Now that you have successfully login you can now access games for free without subscribing or paying any money on the course of gaming. You can also purchase games for free without a subscription and play them anytime and on any compatible screen with up to 1080 at 60fps.