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Where can I apply for a free Excel Course Online? In the meantime, Excel is the most used spreadsheet for the organization of business and personal data. Whether it is business planning or family-based planning for Managing bills Payment or any Important data.  Excel makes it easier to search, compile, organize and simplify a large amount of data. In simple terms, it helps to reduce complex tasks into simple and understanding forms and it is a tool created by Microsoft. Understanding the concept of Microsoft Excel can be very difficult to master which is why the provision of an Excel course online is available for you to master with ease.

However, there are numerous Excel courses to choose from. And there are many tutorials online you can apply for your desired course. Whether you are a beginner or you already have little knowledge about the program, there are available Excel courses for you.  You will be taught the fundamentals and the advanced stage of Excel. But that’s depending on the online Excel class you have signed up for. Taking an Excel Course online will help you learn Excel formulas and functions at your own pace. Some offer free online Excel Courses and others require you to pay to get started. But the good thing about a paid Course is that after the completion of your online Microsoft Excel program, you will earn a certification.

Top 4 Best Microsoft Excel Courses and Training Tutorials online

In this part of the article, we will be looking at some of the best Excel courses you can apply for and some of the top tutorials online that are best in that aspect. As earlier mentioned, there are numerous courses you can apply for but it is better to make use of a tutorial good in that aspect.  When you can master the basics of the Excel Course online, you can improve your Excel skills. Also, you will become a valuable asset in your organization.  Below are some of the Excel Courses and tutorials online;

1 Microsoft Excel Course for beginners to Advanced users– Udemy

Udemy offers a wide range of Excel courses but Udemy is one of the best online tutorials you can learn Microsoft Excel, if you are a beginner or if you need to proceed to an advanced level in Excel. During your Excel training as a beginner, you will be taught the introduction to Excel.  This includes what Excel is all about, how it works, how to enter data, and a lot more.  The course is very elaborate and that is why Udemy is a great option. Udemy instructors are experts at teaching the basics and the fundamentals of Excel and how to develop your basic Microsoft Excel skill to an advanced level.

2 Excel Course for Business specialization by Macquarie University – Coursera

Macquarie University offers a Business online Excel Course through Coursera. Macquarie is one of the greatest among universities in the world that has produced millions of intellectual Graduates.    Meanwhile, the Macquarie Business Course offered through Coursera is to develop your Excel skills for business.  if you are intending to get an online Excel Course for Business, Coursera is the best online tutorial to make use of. Coursera Specialization helps you master your Excel Business skills. They offer four main Excel Business courses and they work with top experts. You can enroll in its courses for free, access all its courses in the specialization, and earn a certificate after you complete the course.

3 Excel Course for Beginners – RICE

Rice University is another best online tutorial where you can master and take a Course on Excel as a Beginner.  Just like Udemy, Rice University helps to introduce you to Excel with their Beginner class. The Course is to help you to master the basics and the fundamentals of Excel.  You will know how to use spreadsheets, afterward, you will also know about data analysis using Excel and so much more. Their excel training consist of Four programs, also the instructors have structured the course well to enable you to understand everything. Also, to be able to apply them in your activities.

4 Excel Course for Visual Learners – Excel Exposure

If you need to take an online Visual Excel Course, Excel Exposure is the right online tutorial.  Most people find it hard to read the various book, if you are in this category, you will need Video-based Learning. Excel Exposure helps you to master everything about Excel as a Beginner but using Videos to explain to you.  They offer a premium course and many free courses as well.  But to learn Excel faster, it is advisable to make use of its premium plan. This will enable you to learn more functionality and features of Microsoft Excel.