Google Chrome Browser – Fast and Secure Web Browser

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Google chrome is a web browser that enables users to browse the internet. If you are new to the internet. A web browser is an application or program that is been installed on your computer. That enables your computer to view a web page and follow hyperlinks. Every pc comes with a web browser installed by default. Like Windows operating system comes with Internet Explorer. Mac operating system comes with Safari. Most user prefers Google Chrome browser to the default browser that comes with their operating system.

Google Chrome Browser - Fast and Secure Web Browser

Google Chrome Browser is a web browser owned by Google. There are many other web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and many more. If you have been using the Internet for years now you must have come across other web browsers that also enable you to view a web page on the Internet. Google chrome browser was lunch in 2008 which is the official web browser by Google. It is said that Google Chrome Browser is now the most use web browser in the world. Closely followed by Microsoft web browsers called Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google Chrome web browser is the fastest of all web browsers with a user-friendly interface.

Features of Google Chrome Browser

  • Google Chrome Browser has an inbuilt ability to synchronize with your different device. Such that if you have a bookmark on your computer and you want to access that bookmark on your tablet you don’t have to push any button or create another bookmark. Because Google chrome automatically synchronizes with your entire device.
  • Google chrome has a built in flash player. That enable you to play videos online. Have you ever try using any other browser to play video from YouTube or any other website and you get a message that “your flash player is out of date“ but with Google chrome you cant see any of this message because it has flash player built in it that enable you to access any flash website without worries.
  • Google chrome has thousand of extensions and Apps that you can use within chrome to improve the overall usability. This App are like plugins they are like update of some features that you cant find in Google Chrome Browser.

Google Chrome Browser User Interface

On Google Chrome Browser there are some basic icons you need to know about. These icons are located at the top bar of the web browser these buttons enable you to carry out some basic functions.

The Back and Front Button

this button enables you to go back or forward on a page. Maybe you mistakenly click on a link and you want to go back to the previous page that you were in you can click on the back button so as the front button.

The Refresh Button

This button allows you to reload a particular page that you are on. Let’s take for instance you are bidding on something on eBay and the timer is counting down and you won’t check if you are still the winner you can click the refresh button to refresh the web page.

The Home Button

this is not necessary on every version of Chrome browser. But you can add to your browser this icon takes you back to the home page of Google Chrome web browser. On that page you will see icons of your most visited sites.

The Address Bar

This is not just a website address bar it is also Google. Now, for instance, I want to search for something on Google instead of typing in on the address bar you can simply type in what you are searching for and you automatically Google it for you. And on any web browser, you note you don’t have to type in www let’s take for instance you want to visit you can just type in

Now let’s take a look at the buttons at the right-hand side. This button they don’t come with chrome this is extensions that you can add to your Google Chrome web browser the only one that comes with it is the star icon.

The star icon

The star icon is used to bookmark a page that you are in. Click on it mains that you like the page and you want to add it to your bookmark so that you can get quick access to that page. You can give the bookmark a name or a title and you can select where you want to save the bookmark to. Lots of users we want to save it to the bookmark bar which is under the address bar or you can create a folder.

The Google Chrome Browser Settings icon

Whit comes to the setting section of any platform this houses all the adjustment. Users can use this section o customize the browser to how they want it to look Like. Note there are limited thing you can do on the setting option. This icon gives you all the list of some call functions in chrome such as, New tab, New window, History, Download and lots more.