Google Forms App – Free Online Surveys for Personal Use

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Many users have been asking about the Google forms app but for now, the platform doesn’t have any available Android or iOS app. However, instead of the Google forms app, users can create a form. This is through any mobile web browser of their choice on Google forms official website. Also, even without the app the platform still gives the top feature to create a custom-made form for yourself. Google users can create a new survey and edit forms with others at the same time. From nice themes or users can create their own.

Google Forms App - Free Online Surveys for Personal Use

There is a reason for the Google Forms app not being available which no one has still figures out, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a form. However, with Google forms, you get to work hand in hand with other Google products. Such as Google spreadsheets and Google docs. One of Google forms best features is that you can share the form with others to let them help you build and edit the form. As other Google products like Google docs and sheets have sharing features that are included with Google forms.

How to Access Google Forms App

Due to the not being available of Google forms app on all the app store users have no choice but to create a form on the Google Forms website. However, the official website of the platform is very easy to access from both mobile phones or computers. Depending on the device you want to create your form from. Also, you can create as much form on the website and design them to your preferred look. Here are a few steps on how to access the Google forms official website;

  • Launch any web browser on either your mobile phone or computer,
  • Go to on the official website.
  • You will be required to login before you access the platform. Your login details are your Gmail username and password.
  • Then click sign in to access the platform and start creating Google forms.

Benefits of the Google Forms

There are a lot of benefits with the Google forms platform which allows the user to get more comfortable with the platform. However, it is a free online tool even without Google forms app which allows you to collect information easily and efficiently. Accessing the Google forms, you can access all other Google products such as YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Sheet. With the latest features on Google forms, you can design your form. And choose between a pallet of colors and images of your own.

For advanced users on the platform, you can insert some data into the form field and can be customized using regular expressions. However, and you can send your finished Google form by email. And make them available on your website or send a link via social media.