Google plus, as it sounds is a plus to Google that’s what most users say. When it comes to the top rated search engines into the world Google is rated as one of them. Google is a platform where every information resides, a platform that everybody visits on daily basis to search for information on the internet. As far as you have access to the internet, be it on Java, Windows, Android, iPhone, or your computer, you must connect to this platform if you need any information. The phrase, no one is an island of knowledge, does not apply to this platform. Having all these attributes, now consider what it has for users. Google plus is a social network platform just like Facebook that enables one to discover many things and connect with wonderful and passionate people.

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As suspected, it is an internet-based system that is managed and operated by a parent company, Google. Before Google+, Google had tried three other social networking sites. These were Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, and Orkut. These social networking sites had their opportunities and none is operating at the moment but at some point in 2016, knowing the impact and influence of the parent company, Facebook saw GooglePlus as a threat to its existence. In response to that, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg enforced a lockdown that translated to ensuring Facebook employees dedicate their strength to bringing Facebook’s features in line with Google Plus App and the web Platform.

How to Make Use of Google Plus

This platform is open to all users who have signed up to Gmail or complete the Gmail Sign Up Process. You can always set up your Google Plus Account using your Gmail account information. There are some process users who are on or want to sign up for an account should take note of. They are listed below.

  • Google Plus Sign Up.
  • Google Plus Login.

These are the two compulsory task for both users who dont have an account and returning users you have created an account on web platform. Creating an account is free and open to all users if you have not created an account you can read through our Google Plus Sign Up Process to set up your account. Users who want to access their account can read through our Google Plus Login process to do so as we already listed out the steps involved.

What Makes Google Plus Standout

This platform has always been bright and always growing as a social network. Taking into account its parent company, one would not fail to realize that it is only a matter of time before Google Plus would become a first among equals in the social networking industry. Apparently, it is not just a social network, but also a social layer across all Google services.

This means that being on Google Plus offers you the opportunity to see others and their interests, just as Google has the reserved right to share your interests with others. This affords you the opportunity to see and meet others of the same interest and passion, just as they also connect with you for your similarities. In just two weeks after its launch in June 2011, Google Plus reached a surprising height of 10 million users. In another two weeks, making it a month, it added another 15 million, making it 25 million users.

This is a feat, not just for social networks but any web-based site. In six months, it already accumulated 90 million users. Many would think its users are mainly Americas. But no, it users extend to other countries and continents including India and Africa as it operates in both majority and minority languages. Google Plus is now rated among the top social media platforms in the world.

Features of Google Plus

Google plus has many features that are both desirable and up to standard. Some even refer to them as being more than enough. By choosing to socialize with Google Plus, one stands to gain so many things as well as improve in so many areas. Some of these attributes and features are as follows:

Google Plus Profile

Of course, using a social account requires one to fill in a set of personal data. This is also the same with this platform. But on this platform, everything comes with a plus. The user profile here includes identity service sections. On the profile, one can link their properties across the web. This means that one can link Google+ to other social media accounts one has be it a blog or other related sites.


Just like Facebook messenger where you have instant messaging and communication, Google+ has its own, but with a plus. Google plus messenger, formerly called “hurdle”, is known as hangouts. As its name suggests, it is used to hangout with friends in the same circle. Just like you hangout with your friends in the physical world. You also do the same, meeting, seeing yourselves, and having a cup of coffee, but in the virtual sense. At present, users can even chat and reply messages via text messages.

+1 Button

This button is just like the “like” button on every other social site. It allows one to appreciate information or a post by any user on the platform. The plus in it is that users can use it to recommend sites or parts of sites to their circle of friends.


This is a very important feature of Google Plus. It allows users to group friends and followers into different lists as they deem fit. These circles can privately send certain information the user doesn’t want out to everybody. Aside from this it also allows one to control the posts, called streams that pop up. With this, one can filter out streams from a circle or from persons.

You can also create a google plus business page just like you circle. Depend on how you want to run the page. With the few listed features, one can see that Google Plus is not just any social or networking site, it is really a plus to us as it is to Google.