How do I set up a PayPal Business account or how do I create a PayPal Business account? Whether you run or own a Small or a Large Business, you can now sign up for a Business account with PayPal. The online payment platform offers Business owners worldwide several opportunities.  Unarguably, PayPal is one of the tops and reliable online payment platforms. With more than a million active users from across the world, PayPal allows you to make a secure and quick payment without hassle. You no longer need to visit the bank to perform any transaction.

PayPal Business account allows business owners to receive payment for products and services purchased by their customers. With a business account with PayPal, you can accept payment quickly from your customers regardless of where they stay. It allows you to reach more customers and thereby promoting your business and also generating more revenues. You can accept up to 25 currencies from other countries and you also get to accept payment locally. Creating a Business Account comes with all the necessary tools needed to manage and set up your online payment. Whether you need a smart payment solution or you need to create an extra business account, PayPal got you covered.


There are so many benefits that come with creating a PayPal Business account. Aside from the fact that it allows business owners both small or large to be able to accept fast payment from their customers. It allows you to process credit or debit card payments and more. And this can be done in over 200 countries of the world in 25 currencies. Meanwhile, below are some other benefits that come with the account;

  • You don’t need to pay any Monthly Maintenance fee for your account
  • It is super simple and easy to set up a Business account
  •  Quickly accept payment from all your customers
  • Promote your business and reach more customers
  • It is quick, secure and more convenient
  • PayPal provides your Business with the right integration

Another notable benefit of using PayPal for your business is that they provide your customers the perfect and flexible checkout. Customers can easily pay for goods and services rendered using their Debit or credit card. They can also check out with Venmo or pay with crypto or they can select buy now and pay later. As a merchant or a Business owner, PayPal provides your customers with the best experience. Moreover, their charges fee is very affordable and you can delete your account whenever you want.

How to Set Up a Business Account

To set up or register for a PayPal Business account is absolutely free, you don’t need to pay a dime. The sign-up process is easy and it will only take a few minutes of your time.  To sign up for a PayPal account, you can check out the steps and guidelines below;

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website of PayPal
  • Tap on the sign-up button at the homepage
  • Click on Business Account
  • Enter your email address and tap on Continue
  • Create a strong password and tap on continue
  • Enter your first and last name
  • On the next field, enter your business name
  • Enter your business mobile number
  • Then, enter your business address
  • Enter your city and Postal code
  • Select your primary currency

Finally, carefully read the terms and conditions. Then, tap on “Agree and Create”, immediately your PayPal Business account will be created and you will automatically be granted access to it.  However, note that once your account has been created, you will be asked to link your Mastercard. So, simply follow the prompts to complete the process.