Pixlr – Free Online Photo Editor

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There are so many photo editing platforms and apps online. These apps usually enable users to edit images to suit their tastes. But still, many users find it difficult to find the app to use to carry out these.  However, if you fall under the category of being undecided on which photo editing app to use for your pictures. Or you are not sure of which one to use out of so many. I have a suggestion for you. Pixlr is a free photo-editing platform that gives your pictures that stunning look. Also, you can use any device you want to edit on this platform.

Pixlr is an app that enables its users to edit images to their preferred taste. It was developed by Autodesk and was announced as the owner on 19, July 2011. The app was initially released in 2008, in Sweden. Pixlr is a very unique app and if you want to get the best editing you should try it out. Though a lot of people prefer to use Adobe photoshop as they claim it’s the best. But why don’t you try out Pixlr, something new, and see what it has to offer? If you would like it or not. But trust me when i say this app is something you would love as an editor.

Pixlr Free Photo Editing Software Platform

The free photo editing software provides means through which users can edit their images online. This is by using the Pixlr online platform which is a web-based app or can do it with the use of the mobile app. These are the main platforms where the free photo editing software work on

  • Pixlr Online Website.
  • Pixlr Mobile App.

These are the mediums through which it offers its services. So it depends on the one the user decides that he or she wants to use as it works best on the web and mobile devices. The mobile App is Available for both Android and iOS users just visit your app store.

Pixlr Online Web Apps.

Online web apps are the services on the web which require users to make use of a web browser. So users have to have an internet connection to make use of the online web editors. These are the web photo editors.

  • Pixlr Today.
  • The Pixlr Editor.
  • Pixlr O Matic.
  • The Pixlr Express.

Users of Google Chrome Browser on PC devices can get the Pixlr.com Today tab extension for the browser. The O Magic web photo editor is used to transform picture images into the user’s desired vintage format. This is with the use of the effective tools that comes with it.

Users that have skills in making use of the Adobe Photoshop app will have no issues handling the  Editor. This photo editor has basic operating skills like that of the Photoshop app. With the use of this web photo editor, users have the right to transform the picture to their desired taste.

Pixlr Express

The Pixlr Express, on the other hand, is an amazing image web editor tool. Users can make changes to their pictures with just a click. These clicks make the images transform at a very fast speed and are fun to do. It provides means of editing images in an easy way.

Pixlr Mobile App

Android and iOS device users can make use of the mobile app which is in their respective app stores. The mobile app allows users to carry out the photo editing processes on their devices. Hence, users that want to benefit from these services should download and install the app on their devices.

How To Download The Pixlr.com Mobile App

Users that want to make use of the photo editor have to carry out the app download process on their device. The steps to follow to download the app on devices are.

  1. Open the app store on your device.
  2. Type the name Pixlr in the required field on the search option.
  3. Click on the App from the search result.
  4. Tap the install button.

The app will download and install successfully on the user’s device. Users can install the app on their devices with the above steps. The Mobile app is only available for Android and iOS devices. So users of devices other than that should make use of the Pixlr.com Web app.