WhatsApp new version comes with lots of pack categories which is the best version of messenger, for now, compared to other version series. WhatsApp new version has been made unique and more advanced in term of messing and viewing status. Having been on the messenger for long and use the WhatsApp old version. Then you are in the ancient world. I can across the WhatsApp new version lately and the version was a bit higher than the former version. Then I decided to check it out because I was having a problem with the WhatsApp on my android phone. I was having a problem with the old version, I knew you must be a victim of the WhatsApp old version.

Whatsapp New Version - Upgrade to WhatsApp Latest Version

In this guide, you will know the uniqueness of Using WhatsApp new version. Whereby compare the old version, the new version and how to upgrade to the WhatsApp new version. Note that not only one version bought out in a year. Meaning that ideas are been introduces on daily basis. In building a convenient and easy way of communicating with friends and family. Every 5 month or a year new ideas are bought out on how to keep the services trending. For users to enjoy the services whereby building unique features which are not in the old version.

Through the process of upgrading the old version to the WhatsApp new version using the internet connection and also on the play store. Having the app on your mobile phone messing, uploading statues with family and friends to communicate only if the person is using the app and also you have the people numbers. The app entails a method called instant conversation mean with the app you can message users anywhere and access the app anytime as long as your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data servers are on.

WhatsApp New Version –  Uniqueness of WhatsApp New Version

Compare to the last version there was a little feature which wasn’t played. But now WhatsApp new version has more features. On the WhatsApp new version the following features give a comparative reason;

  • Development of a WhatsApp new version icon but still look like it older version.
  • Listen to an audio call that been recorded.
  • Send users a linking group.
  • There are more feeling sticker, emoji, and Access to create more than 20 groups.
  • See an offline message sent to you.
  • If you on another homepage and a message sent to you. It displays on the screen with a short box for messaging.
  • Hold the circle icon to make video and photos.
  • Make a video.
  • Control who sees your status.
  • Views multiple user statues.
  • GIF photo.

These are some of the notable features that being upgraded in WhatsApp new version. Having the app will throw more light on what the above content entails. If you are a new member of the groups or you are trying to get the WhatsApp new version and it is not connecting without knowing the problem. The next line gives the devices with the new app can operate on.

WhatsApp New Version – What Devices Can Make Use of WhatsApp new version

WhatsApp operates on smartphones, PC, laptop, iOS and Android devices. Devices such as BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10, Windows phone above 7, iPhone 3gs/ and iOS 6, Nokia S40, s40, Android 2.1 and Andrios2.2, Nokia Symbian S60.

Usually, access WhatsApp old version, most of the device like Nokia Symbian S60, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10, windows phone 8.0 and below will not access the new WhatsApp version. If your devices are among there that is the main problem. Most time upgrading of your device’s software could have an impact. So if your devices are running fine then you can upgrade to the new version.

WhatsApp New Version – Upgrade Your WhatsApp to New Version Series

To upgrade to the new version WhatsApp will send you a message that the version you are running is too low. “Click on the button to upgrade” the process will lead you to the google play store on androids devices. For iPhone accessing the iOS store for upgrading the system. If the old version hasn’t expired and you want to use the WhatsApp new version.

Visit your web browsers and type “download WhatsApp new version” and click the site to install. Or locate your google play store enter WhatsApp on the search engine and install. After that, the app will begin to install and once finish setup your account.