Campaign Jobs Work in the US with visa Sponsorship

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Are you a campaigner? Do you have what it takes to work in the United States as a campaigner or a Campaign manager? Do you know that there are Campaign Jobs Work in the US with Visa Sponsorship available for you? In the US there are so many job opportunities and the campaign job opportunities are not left out.

Campaign jobs involve marketing products either goods or services. So, if you have the ability and the qualifications to do this job, then you are a campaigner. And You can work in the United States as a campaign worker with several campaign firms, organizations, and companies. And also get a visa sponsorship.

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However, in this article, I will be revealing to you several places you can apply for campaign jobs in the United States. Amazingly, you don’t have to be an American Citizen before you can apply for these jobs. And most importantly, you’d definitely earn well.  Although most of these do not condole visa sponsorship, their offers are not what you should overlook.

Top Companies that offer Campaign Jobs Work In The United States With Visa Sponsorship

The list below, are the names of companies that you can have your applications sent to while you hopefully wait for a positive response. To add to it, I will also be adding their estimated salaries and wages and also their exact locations. Perhaps any of them may interest you, kindly visit, or any other job posting sites to search for any of your preferred campaign jobs. Here we go with the list;

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NVR, Inc.

In this company, you can apply as a campaigner for the post of sales and marketing representative. NVR, Inc. is located in Morristown, NJ with over 6 other locations in the United States. If you must apply for this, ensure that you are legally entitled to work in the United States. This is whole because NVR does not take the responsibility of sponsoring your Visa to the United States. Nonetheless, the salary to be earned, while you work with NVR, is about $180k yearly and that’s a whole lot of money to make. Your skills are also required at their peak.

Campaign Jobs Work in the US with visa Sponsorship

Sierra Club

Can you coordinate and measure the success of activities and also manage and campaign for a firm that can lead to its progress towards the campaign’s mission and goals? If your answer to the above is yes, then this offer is really for you as you stand a chance to make over $70k yearly as you work with this company. Sierra Club is located in Seattle, WA 98109 in the North Queen Anne area.

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Looking for where to get a job and work as a campaigner? The Brafton offers vacancies to all who are ready to work with the firm at the moment. The job is a remote one which gives you time for other gigs you may want to venture into. Applying? You must ensure that you possess work authorization that does not need any sponsorship currently and later in the future. The salary, it’s estimated to be about $30 per hour. You may want to apply which I not a bad idea for a campaigner.


Are you a creative writer? What if I tell you that it is that time to make it big using your creative writing skills? Well, yes! Currently, KPMG is on the look for creative writers who can work in the field of the campaign for its growth. All that is required is that you be able to present works on PowerPoint, a powerful software Apk slide created and designed for presentation programs. So, this is also an added advantage to you, if you already know how the PP works. You could be making about $25 per hour or more.

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NVR, Inc.

One of the most concerned departments in an organization is the sales consultant and so if this is your field, you should be ready to make use of that resume right now as you are about to actualize your dream as a sales consultant in a campaign job. However, note that NVR does not sponsor visas for their employees.


Located in Wall, SD. Fiskars seeks campaign workers who are willing to apply for the post of social media and consumer managers. So, if you fall in this category, you should be ready to be making your $70-100k yearly while you work with the company. The nature of the job is currently not specified whether it be a full-time base or per-hour pay. However, it’s stated already that you make about a hundred boxes, so it’s clerical clear that’s certainly a full-time job.

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